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Nevada Equine Therapy Rehab CentersA sense of purpose, a means of building self confidence, and a way to replace unhealthy habits with healthy ones. Those are three things that many who deal with substance abuse issues or mental health issues strive to achieve after they make the decision to seek professional help for their situation. For many, this can be achieved by entering into a rehabilitation treatment facility – whether it be via outpatient counseling or short- or long-term residency. But it goes without saying that the standard treatment method for one person may not have the same success for another individual – everyone is different.

That’s where holistic and alternative forms of therapy enter the picture. One that’s on the upswing is none other than equine therapy, or participating in therapeutic activities involving horses. In the state of Nevada, it’s estimated that 51,000 people are identified as being in need of treatment for illicit drug use, but currently not receiving any treatment. What’s more is that as many as 163,000 people are in need of treatment for alcohol abuse, but not seeking any treatment. Finally, it’s estimated that over 4 percent of the state’s 18-and-up population have dealt with a serious mental illness in the past year. Equine therapy could be one aspect of a comprehensive rehabilitation program that can greatly help an individual

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What Is Equine Therapy?

We already mentioned that equine therapy involves horses, specifically an individual carrying out regular activities with them, such as feeding, grooming and interacting (riding is normally not involved). Why horses? It’s because studies show that regular interaction with these animals can influence people in a very positive way. Horses, like humans, are social animals.

They’re described as very honest, which makes them good messengers. While working with horses is usually only a piece of the whole treatment pie when it comes to overcoming substance abuse issues or a mental illness, equine therapy can offer several life changing benefits.

In equine therapy, it’s only natural for patients to develop relationships with the horses as they’re caring for them and carrying out regular chores with them. This, in turn, helps promote emotional and personal growth and helps to replace unhealthy habits with healthy ones. Essentially, it provides a healthy and fulfilling outlook for people who may have lost sight of their priorities, for one reason or the other.

Finally, equine therapy has also proven effective in patients who don’t respond well to conventional treatment methods or who are back in treatment after relapsing. As noted, it’s an alternative form of treatment, so while not every treatment center in the country – or state of Nevada – will offer it, many are beginning to see the benefits of such.

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