4 Hawaii Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Hawaii Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers Help You Defeat Your Addictions

Hawaii, one of the most breathtakingly beautiful vacation spots in the world, is also home to substance abusers. The tropical pace of life and easy access to a variety of drugs both factor in to the high number of people struggling with addiction.

Fortunately, Hawaii has numerous rehab clinics that provide effective addiction treatment programs. Hawaii residents and visitors can choose from programs focused on psychotherapy or individual and group counseling. Most mental health services address the uniqueness of each patient’s emotional and physical issues.

Hawaii’s Facilities Help You Over the First Big Step

Because addiction is a chronic disease that cannot be treated successfully without professional assistance, taking that first big step on the road to sober living is the most daunting. Kahi Mohala Behavioral Health in Ewa Beach, Hawaii, offers one of the best long-term, residential substance recovery programs. Treatment includes medical detoxification, mental health assessment, counseling, and individualized rehabilitation therapies focusing on coping skills and psycho-education.

Aloha House on Maui is a comprehensive recovery center, offering skill-building activities for patients who require extra help in developing coping abilities. Personalized counseling helps patients better understand their addictions and how they can help themselves attain a sober lifestyle. Aloha House has a voluntary residential program with day and night services addressing emergency interventions and patient care.

Near Kailua-Kona, the Hawaii Island Recovery facility is known for its unique approach to the search for the inner peace and self-identity necessary for full recovery. The Hawaii Island Recovery Center also incorporates custom-designed programs for each client at every stage of recovery.

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Sober living, peace of mind, and a fresh start awaits you when you decide to reach out for help. Hawaii’s treatment programs answer your call with professional and caring assistance all addicts need to start learning to live without drugs or alcohol.

RehabCenter.net can help you find the best Hawaii inpatient drug rehab centers that offer individualized programs and relapse prevention services. Contact us today to help yourself or someone you love better their life.

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