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Hawaii Drug Detox Centers

A medically supervised detox is key for individuals looking to safely stop the use of drugs or alcohol. These Hawaii detox centers monitor individuals around the clock to ensure that they are safe and to help manage withdrawal symptoms.

Prescription drugs provide life-saving treatment for many, but they also leave individuals vulnerable to addiction. Prescription drug abuse is a growing problem across the nation, and Hawaii has been hit particularly hard. Approximately 10.9 per 100,000 people overdose on prescription drugs each year in Hawaii, a rate that has increased by 68% since 1999. With more people than ever abusing or becoming addicted to prescription drugs, there is an enormous need for effective treatment options. Several drugs that usually require a medical detox are Xanax, Valium, Alcohol, and painkillers.

Steps Taken By Hawaii Law Makers

Hawaii has enacted several measures designed to curb prescription drug abuse. So-called “doctor shopping” laws prohibit residents from lying to physicians about existing prescriptions or other prescribing medical providers. Furthermore, those Medicaid users suspected of prescription drug abuse are limited to using just one provider and pharmacy. Additionally, Hawaii participates in Medicaid Expansion programs designed to make prescription drug treatment programs more widely available. Hawaii is also home to some of the best private facilities that offer luxurious accommodations with quality medical supervision.

Importance of Medically Supervised Detox

Chronic prescription drug use changes the way the brain is wired as well as the body’s reaction to the substance. As a result, quitting drug use leads to a variety of unpleasant side effects, which are termed “drug withdrawal.” This might include nausea, aches, chills, drug cravings, sleep problems, and mood swings. In addition to being difficult to deal with, withdrawal may actually be harmful to the affected individual. As a result, it is recommended that a person undergo withdrawal under the supervision of medical personnel at a drug detox center.

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Cities In Hawaii With Drug Detox Centers

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