The Best Drug Detox Methods – Which is Right for You?

The Best Drug Detox Methods - Which is Right for You?

One of the most important processes of drug rehabilitation is choosing the appropriate detox for your addiction needs. By implementing a detox into your treatment plan, you are eliminating any remnants of the drug in your system or the negative toxins that it has left behind, easing withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Without these extra urges, the addict is able to focus on other steps on their path to sobriety without falling prey to relapses. Detoxes are available in both inpatient and outpatient settings, so no matter what kind of treatment you choose, it is always an option.

What Types of Detoxes are Available?

Natural Detox

Natural detoxification can either take place in your rehabilitation program or within your own home. The name says it all: it’s detox without any prescribed drugs or medical procedures. This option allows you to participate in natural ways of ridding your body of the unwanted substances drugs and alcohol leave behind. This includes a change of diet to more natural, whole foods, consistent exercise, high water intake, and therapeutic activities, such as massages, saunas, and acupuncture.

Many doctors suggest this is the best and healthiest way to go through detox, as you are letting your own body cleanse itself as it was made to do. By choosing a detox where you aren’t adding any other unnatural chemicals in the form of prescription drugs, you aren’t interfering with your body’s own recovery system, allowing you to take these healthy life changes and stick with them. It is typically a long-term lifestyle change that can even be implemented after a medical detox.

However, without the help of pain-relieving drugs, going about quitting the natural way can be extremely painful and unpleasant. Many addicts find the process of going through detox alone overwhelming, but if you have a strong family support system, it can be an attractive option to consider. If done within a rehabilitation facility, patients are monitored 24 hours a day in case withdrawal symptoms become too painful or risky.

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Medical Detox

Sometimes going the natural route isn’t a viable option for addicts. When their drug abuse has been ongoing and a long-time habit, quitting cold turkey can cause unpleasant symptoms, such as diarrhea, convulsions, nausea, vomiting, hot and cold flashes, and much more. If the addiction is severe, life threatening symptoms can occur. Thus, doctors will recommend a supervised medical detox, where they are able to monitor your detox progress and vitals and prescribe medications to aid your advancement towards clean living.

It may seem like a contradiction to treat drug addiction with more drugs, but the long-standing history of success proves that it works.

  • Opiate Addiction – Methadone or buprenorphine, reduces cravings
  • Cocaine Addiction – Desipramine, phentermine, and fenfluramine, anti-depressants or bromocriptine, reduces cravings
  • Benzodiazepine Addiction – Clonazepam, a similar less-powerful version of the drug
  • Alcohol Addiction – Naltrexone, acamprosate, and disulfiram, reduces cravings and withdrawal symptoms

There is a risk that a new addiction to the detox drug will form, but with proper monitoring and weening off of the drug, it is unlikely.

Rapid Detox

Rapid detox is by far the most dangerous and controversial of all the different types offered. This involves putting the patient in a medically induced coma, with an anesthetic or sedative, and speeding up the detox process without the patient being conscious. This decreases the withdrawal time to a few hours, but it is potentially dangerous to the patient’s health due to the anesthesia. The most common detox drug used for this procedure is naltrexone; however, while it reduces the body’s physical craving, it does not help with the mental addiction. Depending upon how rapid the detox, various studies show that rapid detox can still be painful for the person even if they are unconscious.

How Do I Know Which Detox Is Right For Me?

Choosing the type of detox that is best for you is based upon three things: severity, length, and type of addiction. For shorter and less severe addictions, patients may do better with a natural detox, but if a patient has been abusing substances for years without the ability to quit, a medically-supervised detox may be more beneficial. And of course, depending on the substance you are addicted to, the medications will change accordingly.

All and all, the type of detox that is right for you will be decided between you and a doctor, based on your needs and preferences. is just here to make sure that you are fully informed on what types of detoxes are available to you.

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I would make sure if you decide on a rapid detox that you check out there credentials. I have heard some horror stories about people suffering from some serious medical problems from it. To me, I would think the mix of a medical and a healthy detox would be most efficient. A good tapering program with massage, vitamin therapy, and healthy food makes most sense to me.

Natural Detox is best way to recover from the addiction.

I have also heard that a medical detox that uses holistic procedures are most effective.

I have been using prescribed morphine (At high rates daily by injection – IM for almost 2 years – I want to find someone that can offer me an induced coma detox – for as long as possible. I have read that patients come out of these comas with almost the same amount of withdrawal pain!!! I CERTAINLY DONT WANT THAT to happen! Plesas send me all the info u have on the best places for medically induced comas for detoxification!
Thank you for your time and assistance in this matter!

If you have had any response(s) to your post could you please share them with me. I too would very much like to find the exact thing you are seeking, as well as wishing not to have to endure the pain of withdrawal. Thank you and anyone else with info for sharing

Diana, Ann, please send me what you have as well! I’m shocked that I can’t find a single number to call or the name of one place that occurs. These places exist and yet they seem to not be reachable. I’ve been told that because of seizures I’d be a good candidate for being put under- I just want to hear about some programs -no matter where they’re located. The only one I know of is the Waismann treatment center in Cali but that is just about an hr of sedation. Looking for the programs that provide an actual “coma”, etc…

Please give us a call! I believe we can help you.

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