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Darvocet Addiction And The Best Rehab Centers For Treatment

Isaac Alexis, M.D., AAMA, AMP-BC

Medically reviewed by

Isaac Alexis, M.D., AAMA, AMP-BC

February 13, 2019

Darvocet is a prescription pain medication that is no longer legally sold. Individuals, however, can still find this drug on the street. Darvocet is a harmful drug that can lead to several long-term health consequences when abused.

When people have been injured from an accident or face chronic pain in their daily lives, a doctor will usually prescribe them pain medication to help manage their symptoms. There are many different prescription pain meds, and Darvocet is one such drug that was often given out by doctors. Unfortunately, in 2010, the FDA realized that medications containing Propoxyphene, including Darvocet, caused changes to some users’ heart rhythms, even at controlled doses. Thus, it was taken off the market, and those patients who were on it, have since been given different prescription medication.

However, just because it has been taken off the market, doesn’t mean that it isn’t available elsewhere. Those who are simply looking to get high off of painkillers, can still find Darvocet available to buy on the street under names such as D, dillies, and yellow footballs. Addicts will either chew, dissolve and inject, or crush and snort the pills so that the drug can enter into their systems faster, giving a more intense high.

Short-Term Effects Of Darvocet

Once prescribed to alleviate mild to moderate pain, Darvocet also causes these common and unpleasant side-effects:

  • Chest Pain
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Rash
  • Seizures
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Mood Swings
  • Paranoia
  • Confusion

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Long-Term Effects Of Darvocet

Even though Darvocet was prescribed to those suffering from lesser pain than those prescribed Vicodin and other prescription pain-killers, it was taken off the market due to the high amount of cases of heart arrhythmia and other health issues that it caused. Dangerous long-term effects include:

  • Heart Damage
  • Altered Perceptions of Reality
  • Personality Shifts
  • Liver Damage

Darvocet Addiction Treatment

Besides the heightened probability of heart damage, many clinicians believed that propoxyphene’s most prominent effect was its addictive qualities, likening it to other strong narcotics and opioids. Thus, Darvocet is treated in the same way as other prescription painkillers. Depending on the severity of addiction, doctors may or may not recommend inpatient treatment so that the patient can be monitored throughout the detoxification process.

Once the drugs are flushed out of their system, they will continue with cognitive-behavioral treatment and both individual and group therapy, counselors and therapists teaching those who have made drugs part of their daily lives how to live without them. Many programs will also recommend that once you finish rehab, addicts should continue in their education and steps towards recovery with sober living services or weekly group meetings. These type of outpatient services keep addicts from relapsing and give them the ability to form strong bonds with other recovering addicts.

If you or a loved one are suffering from Darvocet addiction, contact us today. will help you find the rehab center that best fits your needs as you start on the path to clean living.

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