Alaska Court Ordered Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Alaska Court Ordered Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

For those struggling to overcome a substance abuse problem, finding the right treatment program is critical. Many of those struggling with this illness also find themselves dealing with legal challenges and difficulties. The state of Alaska offers these individuals the chance to attend court-ordered treatment in place of serving jail time in order to help individuals overcome addiction as well as reduce the rate of crime in the state.

Drug-related arrests were the largest category of arrests in 2009. Of these arrests, the majority were related to drug possessions. A separate survey found that in Alaska alone 57,000 people admitted to using illicit drugs in the past month and another 121,000 admitted to binge alcohol drinking in the past month. With these numbers, the important need of court-ordered rehabs becomes clear. Those who are unfamiliar with this treatment option should review the following information.

Understanding Court-Ordered Rehab

Court-ordered rehab can include a variety of different styles of treatment. In many jurisdictions, defendants will be allowed to select a rehab from a list of approved facilities. This will often include options such as outpatient counseling and inpatient rehab. There also frequently options about the styles of treatment, such as holistic and alternative treatments or traditional and 12-step methods. This allows patients to find the treatment option that will work best for them to improve the odds of a full recovery.

Court-ordered rehab is used in a variety of different situations. If a defendant has been found guilty of their charges, the rehab can be used instead of traditional prison time. Rehab can also be used in conjunction of a prison sentence in exchange for a shorter sentence. It is also regularly used as a condition of a release for many offenses. For example, patients might have to undergo rehab as a condition of release for probation or parole. The defendants who are awarded court-ordered rehab generally are the ones who are charged with nonviolent offenses without having too many prior incidents on their record. Every defendant will have to discuss with their lawyer the chances of being able to use rehab as a part of their sentence.

The Success Of Court-Ordered Rehab

Many patients and their families are relieved to learn that according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, court-ordered has similar success rates to the patients who enter treatment on their own initiative. Despite the assumption that patients who enter rehab on their own will fare better, those who enter treatment because of their legal challenges have similar outcomes. Those who have legal consequences impacting their actions may also tend to have better attendance rates and stay with treatment longer.

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