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Alaska Wilderness Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

Every person is different. They wear different clothes, eat different foods, and hold different lifestyles that they deem most beneficial for themselves. So it stands to reason that drug rehabilitation will also be available in different care settings that will work out for the best for each individual. In Alaska, some people seek rehabilitation services that offer outpatient care so they can continue to work. Other people desire inpatient and residency care so they can gain emotional support from other people in a group setting and have round-the-clock care.

There are also alternative rehabilitation programs available that allow people to get in touch with nature while undergoing drug treatment. Those experiencing wilderness drug rehab can enjoy hiking, camping, boating, wildlife viewing, and a host of other outdoor activities while obtaining care. People experience less stress while being away from their regular life as they can focus entirely on rehabilitation so they can lead normal and healthier lives. These Alaska Wilderness Drug Rehab programs may be more suitable for some people who love the great outdoors.

Alaska Outdoor Treatment Activities While Getting Drug Rehab

In the state of Alaska, there are a variety of treatment activities you may enjoy that will help with your drug rehabilitation. The activities will be based on the location where you will undergo your treatment program and the types of outdoor recreation that you will enjoy.


Alaska truly has untouched wilderness where the animals and plants are abundant. People seeking treatment with an out-of-doors feel can learn about the natural history of the state while climbing mountains, crossing rivers, and hiking through the tundra. Smelling the fragrant trees and listening to the sounds of nature brings peace to the body and soul while getting drug addiction treatment.

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Alaska has some of the most beautiful scenery that can be found in North America. Hiking, relaxing your mind during treatment, is plentiful in tons of places including the Dude Mountain Trailhead in Ketchikan. People can take the 1.5 mile trail from Brown Mountain Road as it leads to the summit of Dude Mountain. It is a great opportunity for wildlife viewing and looking at the stands of hemlock and spruce.

Boating And Wildlife Viewing

Alaska has a variety of boating activities just off its many shores, which can lift your spirits during your rehabilitation; whether you just want to float along on a lazy river or speed along the fast waters on a powerboat, there is something for you. The type of fun you desire is largely based on the type of watercraft you utilize on the rivers and lakes. Go canoeing, kayaking, rafting, or even charter a boat.

When people want to delve into the wilderness to see majestic wildlife, they head to Alaska. There, you can spend part of your recovery time viewing a range of flora and fauna. Some animals that people may spot from a distance include wolves, bears, moose, caribou, Dali sheep, bald eagles, walruses, polar bears, and a variety of marine life.

In Glennallen, Alaska is the Gulkana National Wild and Scenic River. People enjoying walking along the riverbank and boating in the waters. The river is full of rainbow trout, chinook salmon, sockeye salmon and steelhead trout for people to gaze at while getting treatment.


Camping in Alaska is an extremely beneficial experience to those in need of nature-filled treatment opportunities. Rough it out in the wild by setting up a tent or rent a cabin at the numerous campgrounds in the region. Campsites can give the perfect view of mountains, lakes, rivers, and forests, depending on where your treatment takes place in Alaska. From the campground, campers can enjoy a wide range of activities, from roasting marshmallows to singing campfire songs, all contributing to a peaceful recovery process.

There are two campgrounds near the Gulkana National Wild and Scenic River: Sourdough Campground and the Paxson Lake Campground. Both are pristine and remote, allowing for the best wilderness experience one can get.

Winding along the White Mountains is Beaver Creek starting in Fairbanks, Alaska. This river passes by the limestone peaks as it meanders through Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge. It continues southward until reaching the Yukon River. People can enjoy a host of activities, such as camping, that can help with their drug rehabilitation treatment as they experience the great outdoors.

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