13 Alaska Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Extreme environmental conditions in Alaska make residents more susceptible to drug and alcohol abuse. Fortunately, Alaska offers a wide variety of treatment options for those looking to return to a life of sobriety.

Alaska Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers Help Those Living with Addition in America’s Frontier

Due to its extreme climate and its separation away from the rest of the country, Alaska is often thought of as the final frontier of America. Because of this, many of its residents live unconventional lifestyles that seem exciting and adventurous to the rest of the United States. Whether their occupation is crab fishing, dog sledding, or working in wilderness lodges in the middle of a national park, there is a certain charm and appeal to living off the land. But with summer days of no nightfall, the winter without sunshine, the northern and western areas unable to be reached by road, and interior temperatures in the -30 range during winter, it takes a special kind of person to brave this wilderness.

However, such extremes of living hardly make Alaskans exempt from alcohol and drug addiction. In fact, the long, cold winters without any daylight can cause a disorder known as SAD, Seasonal Affect Disorder. Because of the lack of warmth and sunlight, people fall into a depression as the weather gets worse. As you know, depression can be a jumping off point for addiction, causing increasing use and relapse. Thus, there is a great need for addiction treatment in Alaska.

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Treatment is Available for Your Needs in Alaska

Luckily, the state fills this need with top-of-the-line Alaska inpatient drug rehab centers. Alaska Children’s Service Inc specializes in adolescence treatment in Anchorage. They offer specific treatment for that age group in order to deliver more effective results. The Bill Brady Healing Center offers the same specific focus except for gender, separating both males and females for individualized treatment plans, catered to each of their needs.

While it may be difficult to offer treatment help to everyone in Alaska due to its vast size and difficult climate, two rehabilitation centers in Fairbanks offer help to those living on the interior. The mouthful of a name, Graf Rheeneenhaanjii Substance Abuse Services, offers treatment in inpatient, residential, and adolescent services. Women and Children’s Center for Inner Healing also focuses on inpatient and residential treatment but centers around treatment for females and those who are hearing impaired.

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Cities with inpatient addiction treatment centers in Alaska

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