Ohio Wilderness Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

Treating addiction to drugs or alcohol is potentially complicated. Although traditional therapies like counseling and behavior modification can help, each individual has different goals and needs that must be addressed. In some cases, a wilderness treatment program helps with recovery by providing the tools and inspiration that an individual needs to handle the stress that arises after completing a treatment plan. The University of Idaho explains that a wilderness therapy program focuses on providing challenging outdoor activities along with the traditional treatments so that individuals are able to handle any challenges that arise.


Outdoor activities that are challenging for those engaged in wilderness addiction rehabilitation will often include hiking over rough terrain and exploring a rugged wilderness area. In Ohio, several recreational areas offer hiking trails that are ideal for beginners and advanced hikers.

The Alum Creek Lake offers a recreational area that is below the dam for individuals who are interested in hiking, nature viewing and fishing. Since it is part of a lake, the recreational area offers water sports and activities.

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The Burr Oak Cove Campground is a densely wooded campground that offers hiking trails and places to enjoy using a recreational vehicle. There is also a lake that provides fishing and other water-related activities.


Enjoying a night or several nights out below the stars can provide a different perspective on life for those seeking sobriety. The campgrounds in Ohio provide an opportunity to enjoy several recreational activities and a night beneath the stars.

The Burr Oak Cove Campground provides a small and secluded campground that is appropriate for groups or for campers who prefer a little time away from the constraints of a busy lifestyle. Since it is slightly isolated, the camping experience will differ from busier or larger campgrounds.

Berlin Lake is another campground that is available in Ohio. The campground is part of a historic area that has an old stagecoach station in Deerfield, explains Recreation.gov, and it provides several outdoor activities. Visitors can enjoy fishing and boating at the lake or explore the natural surroundings with a hike.

Wildlife Viewing in Ohio

Wildlife changes throughout the year as animals pass through different states and areas during the spring, summer, and autumn months. In Ohio, there are several locations that offer wildlife viewing for the patient keen on being at peace with nature during therapy.

The Beach City Lake provides a picnic area and wildlife viewing. Since the Wilmont Wilderness Center is within a short distance of the lake, several species of animals can pass through the area.

Although Berlin Lake is a recreational area that offers camping and other outdoor activities, it also provides wildlife viewing opportunities. Residents and visitors can learn about different aquatic animals as well as the birds and other species that travel through the area. The animals that are available for viewing will differ throughout the year as birds and animals travel.

Horseback Riding Trails

Horseback riding as a part of equine therapy differs from other outdoor activities because of socialization with the animal which is excellent for recovery treatment. In Ohio, there are trails that are specifically designed for horses and horseback riding.

Alum Creek Lake offers trails for horseback riding as well as hiking trails and water sports. Since there are several activities available at the recreational area, horseback riding trails are identified to visitors.

Caesar Creek Lake is a resource that is specifically known for the fossils that are available; however, it does offer a variety of outdoor recreational activities. Visitors can ride horses through designated trails and can enjoy hiking, water sports, and biking for an alternative activity.

Treatment in Ohio

Treating an addiction does not mean that the program is boring. A wilderness program provides an interesting challenge that focuses on alternative approaches to the recovery process. Find an appropriate treatment program in Ohio with the help of RehabCenter.net. Contact us today!

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