North Dakota Wilderness Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

For patients and their loved ones considering rehab in North Dakota, it is critical to think about the different types of programs. Rehab works best when the program aligns strongly with the personality and needs of the patient. Here is what all patients and loved ones should know about rehab options in North Dakota.

Different Types of Rehab in North Dakota

When patients first begin to look at their different rehab options, they will notice that they are first divided into inpatient and outpatient treatment options. Inpatient treatment tends to be best for patients who need more intensive help and can get away from their responsibilities for a little while. For these therapies, the patients will live at the facility receiving help 24 hours per day and 7 days per week, along with regular therapy. Outpatient treatment options mean that the patient remains at home and receives treatment at regular intervals, often receiving individual and group therapy. This is a wonderful option for those who cannot get away from other responsibilities.

In addition to the standard and traditional therapy options, such as 12-step programs, there has been increasing interest in alternative and holistic treatment options. These types of treatment offer unique therapies to help treat the entire person so that the patient begins to feel in control once again. Outdoor and wilderness therapies, in particular, have become popular. These therapies allow patients to retreat from the stressors of the world by experiencing nature. Patients can challenge themselves, improving their sense of accomplishment and their self-esteem. Those interested in this type of treatment should investigate the options available throughout the state.

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Wilderness and Outdoor Opportunities in North Dakota


Hiking offers patients fantastic opportunities for challenging themselves. The activity can be easily tailored to the individual as patients can select trails and locations that inspire them and challenge them without being too overwhelming. North Dakota offers several destinations where the hike can be a stunning and peaceful retreat from the rest of the world. Consider venturing to Ashtabula Lake, Blacktail Trailhead, and Beaver Creek Recreation Area to experience some wonderful hiking.


Camping allows patients to get up close with nature on a new level. Rather than just observing nature, they can interact with it on an intimate level. It is a great way to have a full retreat, giving patients the time they need to clear their mind before reentering the world. North Dakota has several locations that are wonderful for camping and seeing all that the state has to offer. American Legion Park, Bennet Campground, and Bowman Haley Lake have some wonderful camping grounds.

Wildlife viewing

Wildlife can be mysterious and inspiring. When people take the time to sit and observe these animals, they can witness an incredible work ethic and how critical every creature is to the community. The same goes for people. Patients can renew their sense of worth and their attachment to nature by spending time watching these animals in action. Try venturing to some of the several wildlife refuges in the state, such as the Arrowwood National Wildlife Refuge or the Audubon National Wildlife Refuge to see some animals. The Arrowwood Wetland Management District can also be wonderful.

Horseback riding

Horseback riding is a fantastic form of therapy for many patients. Riding these animals not only help people build their physical strength, but they also gain new skills and self-confidence. For patients working to overcome substance abuse problems, believing that one is strong enough to overcome the temptation can be an enormous asset. The Dakota Prairie National Grasslands and the Denbigh Experimental Forest are both excellent places to try out this sport.

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