North Dakota Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

North Dakota Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Inpatient rehab centers in North Dakota provide many different types of addiction treatment. The best inpatient programs blend treatment methods to meet the unique needs of each individual. Exploring your options can help you find the right care for your recovery.

Inpatient Detox Programs In North Dakota

Some North Dakota inpatient rehab centers offer medical detox within the treatment facility. These programs monitor a person and keep them stable as they experience withdrawal symptoms from not using alcohol or drugs.

On-site inpatient detox programs ease the transition from detox to inpatient addiction treatment. They may include therapies that will be continued in treatment, such as yoga, art, and counseling.

North Dakota Inpatient Treatment Components

Reputable inpatient rehab centers complete a thorough evaluation of a person’s physical and mental health before placing them in a treatment program. This allows their primary therapist to make a treatment plan based on the major contributors to addiction in their life.

A personalized care plan may involve a rehab program that serves a particular group of people, such as men only or women only. It should consist of several treatment types that work together to resolve the effects of addiction as well as its underlying causes.

North Dakota inpatient alcohol and drug rehab centers may offer:

  • adventure therapy
  • equine therapy
  • court-ordered drug rehab
  • dual diagnosis treatment
  • pain management
  • medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • sex addiction treatment
  • gender-specific programs for men or women
  • age-specific programs for teens
  • care for pregnant women
  • culturally responsive treatment for Native Americans
  • LGBTQ-friendly programs
  • addiction treatment for executives
  • pet-friendly programs
  • SMART Recovery groups

Inpatient programs may take a specific approach that can affect how a treatment plan is created and may include:

  • multidisciplinary
  • alternative
  • holistic
  • religious
  • nonreligious
  • 12-step
  • non-12-step

A person’s level of comfort during addiction treatment can be influenced by the type of inpatient facility they choose, which can impact their success in recovery.

Rehabs often have varying degrees of comfort and luxury:

  • Low-cost or free rehab centers may provide a clinical or residential environment with basic amenities and limited treatment options.
  • Luxury rehab centers offer top amenities like pools, spas, and gourmet food along with a wide range of evidence-based treatments.
  • Wilderness rehab centers incorporate nature heavily into treatment and may take place entirely outdoors.

Most inpatient rehab programs offer aftercare services for continued support after a person completes treatment and returns home.

Inpatient Rehab Program Lengths In North Dakota

Some inpatient rehab centers in North Dakota have short-term programs that last 28 to 30 days or less. Others provide long-term programs that may be 60 days, 90 days, six months, or a year long.

Long-term addiction treatment is recommended by the National Institute on Drug Abuse as a more effective way to lasting recovery. These programs may also be adjustable based on a person’s unique situation and how quickly they progress in treatment.

North Dakota Inpatient And Outpatient Rehab: What’s The Difference?

North Dakota inpatient rehab programs immerse someone in a supportive residential environment. Residents participate in therapies that address the root of addiction as well as sober activities that help to prevent relapse.

Outpatient rehab programs allow people to live at home and continue regular activities like work or school while in treatment. They attend therapy and counseling sessions several days a week for a few hours.

Some people find it challenging to make the change necessary for lasting recovery while most things in their life stay the same. The inpatient environment removes them from negative influences and encourages a healthy, whole-life change.

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