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What Is The Drug Snow Blow?

Isaac Alexis, M.D., AAMA, AMP-BC

Medically reviewed by

Isaac Alexis, M.D., AAMA, AMP-BC

January 23, 2019

One of the most popular synthetic substances is snow blow, a drug that has been creating havoc for the past few years. Understanding this dangerous drug can help steer individuals away from using it or help people understand how they can assist a loved one in avoiding this problem.

Snow Blow Definition

Snow blow is known by many names, including “mephedrone,” “meow meow,” and “flakka.” It is a psychoactive drug that utilizes the stimulant alpha-PVP to generate mind-altering effects. Generally, small doses create a mild euphoric high, but higher amounts can generate more severe reactions, including hallucinations.

Snow blow is designed as a synthetic version of the stimulant cathinone. This stimulant was discovered in the Middle East in the plant Khat. Natives there enjoy chewing the leaves to create an euphorically-stimulated sense of mind. Even with that natural version, it’s possible to experience dangerous side effects, which are only increased in severity by the synthetic nature of snow blow.

Usage methods vary, but it is generally snorted, smoked, injected, or swallowed. Some users combine it with marijuana to increase their euphoric effect. What few users realize is that snow blow is, essentially, similar to bath salts. Those infamous synthetic drugs caused wildly scary incidents, including people literally eating the flesh of others.

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Effect On The Body And Mind

People that have used snow blow have reported experiencing severe paranoia, delusions, twitchiness, nervousness, increased body temperature, muscle cramps, spasms, hallucinations, and extreme seizures. And death from heart attack or kidney failures are possible, even if a person doesn’t overdose.

All of these effects are caused by the stimulating nature of snow blow. It increases your metabolism, causing your heart to pump faster and your brain to work more quickly. In that way, it’s similar to cocaine and methamphetamine, but is much more dangerous because it isn’t as “pure” as those drugs. Beyond the alpha-PVP, there’s no telling what has been put in the drug.

Some makers may have included stronger stimulants, like cocaine, or even laced it with anesthetics. Combining the upper nature of alpha-PVP with the calming nature of an anesthetic is incredibly dangerous. It confuses your body, as it wants to race faster and slow down at the same time. This can cause dangerous heart conditions or even death.


Long-time users of snow blow claim that it generates a safe and predictable high, but that’s simply not true. Snow blow is one of the most unpredictable drugs being used right now. One small dose may generate a very mild high once, but create an overdose reaction another time.

And there’s no telling what that exact reaction will be when it occurs. Will you simply feel euphoric and happy or have terrifying hallucinations? Will you simply relax on the couch for a few hours or black out and attack a friend? All of these reactions have occurred on snow blow and all of them could occur at any time.

Snow Blow Linked To Increased HIV Cases

One of the most harrowing problems connected with snow blow is an increase in HIV cases. This problem is prominent in Europe, particularly in Ireland. Officials there have reported that snow blow use caused 38 cases of HIV infection in Dublin during a 12-month period. That’s over three new cases every month.

The spread of HIV through snow blow use is a two-fold attack. First, it is primarily spread through the use of shared needles. Secondly, it is spread through erratic and dangerous sexual behavior encouraged by the stimulating effect of the drug. People who would normally not behave in a promiscuous way are suddenly engaging with multiple partners and spreading HIV.

This danger is also common in people who abuse heroin, but is particularly prevalent in snow blow users because the drug is still relatively inexpensive. And the nearly instantaneous effect it creates causes people’s behaviors to get more unpredictable more quickly.

Knowledge Is Power

Understanding the dangers of snow blow can help you educate others on why this “safe” synthetic drug should be avoided at all costs. However, if you’re worried that someone you know is either considering snow blow or already addicted, please contact us at right away. We can help give you the guidance you need to help your friend quit their dangerous and destructive habit.

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