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Top Rated Drug Rehabs – Why They Are The Best Of The Best

Isaac Alexis, M.D., AAMA, AMP-BC

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Isaac Alexis, M.D., AAMA, AMP-BC

March 26, 2019

We know, of course, that everyone’s situation is different and not every program will fit your needs. However, there are a few treatment facilities that stick out as the best and most prolific, providing their patients with the most options, and we want to highlight what exactly makes them top of the line facilities. Top Rated Drug Rehabs

Addiction Campuses

Addiction Campuses

Addiction Campuses emphasizes the importance of drug rehabilitation extending beyond 30 days for a more successful life change. They offer medically-supervised detoxification, as well as inpatient and outpatient programs, counseling, and ongoing recovery care. They also have Christian rehab programs, with biblical recovery pastors equipped to assist in spiritual healing.

Specializing in illegal drug, prescription drug, and alcohol addiction treatment, Addiction Campuses believes that recovery depends on healing the whole person “from the inside out.” They focus treatment in three encompassing areas: medical, psychological, and spiritual.

Before enrolling you in a treatment plan, they will learn about you as an individual to ensure the best fit. They use a clinical assessment to determine where you are on the addiction spectrum as well as other details that indicate the sort of treatment you need.

Treatment programs offered by Addiction Campuses may include classes on overcoming drug and alcohol addiction, learning life skills, adventure therapy, wilderness rehab, equine therapy, and stress management techniques. Programs can be gender-specific to promote bonding and address specific issues that may differ between men and women. Family therapy is also offered to help you and your family work together toward your recovery.

With locations in Texas, Ohio, Mississippi, and Massachusetts, Addiction Campuses also partners with other reputable rehab centers across the country. Some campuses are surrounded by 15 to 50 acres of land, with plenty of space for outdoor recreation.

Treatment programs may include activities like hiking, fishing, tennis, and zip-lining. Some facilities also have amenities such as a library, music hall, pool, and fitness center. Physical activity and discovering new interests can provide a healthy alternative to the high associated with drug use.

Addiction Campuses rehabilitation centers are made to feel more like home than a clinical facility, with welcoming and comfortable environments. Some are nestled in mountains, alongside lakes, and overlooking beautiful landscapes. They provide a peaceful environment to help you relax and recover.

Some treatment programs only address addiction. Addiction Campuses helps you explore the root of the problem and make positive life changes to prevent relapse. Their goal is to help you heal completely so you can live a more fulfilling life.

American Addiction Centers

American Addiction Centers is a company with a history of success. With twenty years of experience behind them, they are confident that you will complete their 90 day program and stay sober and clean, or else they will give you 30 days of return complimentary treatment. They believe that “recovery is absolutely possible for anyone”.

With adult treatment centers in Dallas, TX, Las Vegas, NV, Southern California, and Palm Beach, FL, and an adolescence treatment center in Palm Beach as well, they are able to provide service to people struggling with addiction all over the country.

At AAC, they believe that there are five essential elements to addiction recovery:

  • Believable hope
  • Visualizing the life you want
  • Surrounding yourself with winners
  • Putting your plan into action
  • Maintaining the life you love

By implementing a plan of sobriety around these steps, they are able to promote a great success rate with their patients.

Their facilities seem more like luxury spas than places of drug addiction treatment. With welcoming buildings and beautiful grounds, you simply don’t feel trapped in the confines of a hospital setting. In addition to all the regular treatment options, AAC offers recreational activities, personal training, and yoga. These activities, along side of other physical and nutritional wellness classes, really promote the holistic treatment method that AAC supports. They believe that by instilling healthy habits in all areas of life, their clients are less likely to return to their unhealthy ones.

On top of all this, they offer family therapy as well, which is beneficial because often times the family of the addict struggles along side, and yet they aren’t offered much in the way of help. AAC also specializes in dual-diagnosis treatment for those also suffering from mental health issues, trauma counseling, residential clean homes, equine therapy, and college academic help. Not to mention they have a whole AAC campus devoted to teenage treatment only. With all these different programs, they are equipped to help almost anyone!

Having so many options available for those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction makes American Addiction Centers an excellent choice. Their professionals are willing to work with your and conform treatment to you or a loved one’s specific needs.

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Promises Treatment Centers


Promises Treatment Centers live up to their name; when you are admitted into one of their 30 to 90+ day programs, they are promising you full recovery from your addiction. With twenty-five years of experience, they are well-known for keeping those promises. At PTC, they understand that one type of therapy or treatment doesn’t fit everyone. Instead, they meet with you one-on-one to determine which type of treatment is right for your needs and what other tailored aspects of their program to provide.

With locations in both Malibu and West Los Angeles, they are perfectly equipped to serving southern California’s needs. They believe that by removing the addict from their unhealthy environment and providing them with a clean and stable place of healing, they will find themselves well on the way to recovery.

Promises offers a more traditional approach to drug addiction with their 12-Step program. However, they don’t stop at the conventional basics. They also provide medical detox, family counseling, art therapy, acupuncture, and fitness and nutrition counseling. These extra benefits paired with their diverse treatment options, such as adolescence care and luxury rehab treatment, cover nearly all of the treatment basics.

The professionals at PTC offer both individual and group therapies. Many of their own staff members are previous addicts, following their own recovery path, allowing the patient and the therapist to connect on a deeper level of understanding. Promises also offers a Sober Living service after their patient has completed rehab; this allows for continued help and supervision for those feeling uncomfortable immersing themselves fully back into the real world. Here, they live with other recovering addicts and a house supervisor, and they support each other during time of temptation.

Promises makes a commitment to you that you will work together to overcome your drug or alcohol abuse. With your individualized treatment plan and their addiction experts supporting you along the way, you’ll be on the road to recovery in no time.

Cirque Lodge


Cirque Lodge is a sanctuary away from your drug or alcohol addiction. Situated in the beautiful mountainous region of Utah, you are secluded from the habits, people, and places that have continued to spur on your addiction. Instead of a classic treatment facility atmosphere, they want you to feel as if you were staying at a luxurious mountain-side resort.

They do this by providing accommodations such as a swimming pool, exercise room, meditation room, sauna, and a salon. With all these amenities, Cirque Lodge allows you to relax and rid yourself of the stresses that may have caused your addiction in the first place. They implement a minimum of a thirty day stay to help you get the most of your treatment.

By focusing on a holistic, full-person treatment program, they are able to help root out addiction from every part of your life. Cirque Lodge is a firm believer in the 12-Step program to get their patients back on their feet and functioning in the real world again. However, this isn’t your average 12-Step program; the lodge offers hiking, rafting, rock climbing, and ropes courses as ways to aid their clients in sober development and growth. These exciting experiences are designed to show the addict that life can be fulfilling and fun without drugs and alcohol.

Specializing in dual-diagnosis, the doctors, nurses, and psychologists at the lodge are trained to treat both the addiction and mental health concerns as well. The sex of the patient and how gender roles affect addiction are also taken heavily into consideration. Because women typically feel support through being with other women who understand what they are going through, the majority of rooms are much like dormitories, and they are given a female counselor.

While they do a great job meeting the specific needs of each individual patient, the lodge also offers family counseling because they understand the struggles that they have faced along the way as well. Thus, Cirque Lodge is a great place to consider for rehabilitation on all sides of the matter. Its large spectrum of treatment will guide you towards living a clean life.

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