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Teen Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Oregon

Oregon has some of the highest rates of abuse and addiction when it comes to teenagers. Fortunately, there are a variety of rehabilitation centers available that specialize in the treatment of teenagers in order to help them on the path to recovery.

The rate of illicit drug use among teenagers is growing each year. Adolescents may use prescription drugs like Adderall or Vicodin, but they are most likely to smoke marijuana or drink alcohol. Oregon has some of the highest rates of illicit drug use by adolescents, at 10-14 percent using drugs in the previous month. The National Institute on Drug Abuse cites changing perspectives as part of the reason teenagers are more likely to use. For example, in a 2015 study, 68 percent of 12th graders said that they do not think regular smoking of marijuana is harmful. Treatment helps to combat these incorrect assumptions, and provides support against peer pressure.

Substance abuse and mental illness are often related, and teenagers are at relatively higher risk for both problems. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration notes that Oregon has the highest rate of teenagers going through a major depressive episode in the previous year, at almost 15 percent of children ages 12-17. Treatment for substance dependence or addiction and mental health disorders remains the most viable path to steer teenagers toward a healthy adulthood.

However, a little less than one-third of Oregon adolescents do not receive the treatment they need. Whether a teenager is suffering from mental illness that led to substance abuse, or vice versa, treatment is available. Any adolescent who is at risk for using or becoming addicted to illicit substances should seek help to prevent the problem from becoming more difficult to solve.

Tailored Treatment Plans For Teens Ensure Success in Addiction Recovery

Everyone responds to treatment in different ways, and this is as true for adolescents as it is for adults. Teenagers usually require a great deal of support from family, friends, school and their spiritual advisers to advance along the road to independence from drugs and alcohol. Unable to take full responsibility for themselves, teenagers rely on their parents to help them make the right decisions for their needs. Treatment usually involves a variety of approaches designed to reduce discomfort during detox, help teenagers develop some defenses against returning to using, and ensure that they can stay clean for the future.

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The first step for many is to get through detox. While some people prefer to go through it without medical assistance, there are a number of medications available that reduce withdrawal symptoms and make them more comfortable during the detox period. After teenagers have made it past detox, their therapists work with them to develop a plan of behavioral treatment. Therapy in groups, with the family or one-on-one helps adolescents to explore the issues surrounding their drug dependence and identify positive ways to work through stress and interactions with their peers. Once teenagers have completed a treatment program, they can return to school, work and friends, with the knowledge that support services are available to continue their goals for a long-term recovery.

Cities With Teen Substance Abuse Centers In Oregon

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