Teen Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Nebraska

Teen Rehab Centers in NebraskaIt is easy for teens to get lost in a world that doesn’t seem to understand them. Adolescents turn many different directions trying to manage the transitions they are going through both physically and emotionally. Some develop low self-esteem, their grades drop and they become depressed. Drugs that allow adults to self-medicate like alcohol are readily available to teens, as well. They also look for more creative ways to get high like huffing inhalants.

Some states are more prone to drug addiction in their teen population. The Cornhusker State of Nebraska is in the lower range for drug abuse, but the problem does exist.

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What is Teen Addiction Treatment?

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports in 2015, 35.3 percent of 12 graders admitted to drinking alcohol regularly, but the problem starts at a younger age for many. The same report states that 9.7 percent of these teens began drinking in the 8th grade. In the state of Nebraska, 6.31 to 7.51 percent of teens between the ages of 12 to 17 claimed to have used within a month of a survey taken by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

At the heart of many cases of drug or alcohol abuse is a mental health condition. Around 11,000 Cornhusker teens, 7.6 percent of the young population in this state, have had a major depressive episode. Only 51.3 percent of them received treatment at the time. Undiagnosed or untreated depression can lead to self-medication through drug and alcohol abuse.

Teen addiction treatment uses proven methodologies to treat the whole person, not just the addiction. Treatment is taken in steps starting with detoxification and ending with long-term follow up. The goal is to teach kids better ways to handle stresses in their lives like peer pressure while ridding their bodies of the drug.

Teen Treatment Options in Nebraska

There are a number of facilities in this state that focus on teen addiction. Omaha is the largest city with the most prominent teen population. There you find the ABH Addiction and Behavior Health Servs, Inc., a facility that specializes in teen care. Located on North 90th Street in the North Omaha neighborhood, ABH provides the dual diagnosis plan that so many teens need to get healthy. A dual diagnosis treatment plan deals with both the addiction and the underlying cause such as depression.

In the capital city of Lincoln, teens can go to CenterPointe Outpatient for care while living at home and still going to school. CenterPointe is a community based treatment organization with multiple locations in Lincoln, including one near downtown on 13th St. Here, young people can go for outpatient counseling and holistic rehabilitation options.

Teens facing legal problems associated with their addiction can work with the First Step Recovery and Wellness Ctr in Lincoln, as well. First Step partners with the city’s legal system to help DUI/DWI offenders facing court-mandated treatment to offer outpatient counseling that focuses on the challenges of adolescent addiction.

Nebraska’s third biggest city, Grand Island, offers teen addiction treatment at the Mid Plains Center for Behavioral Healthcare Services. Located on Baumann Drive, the Mid Plains Center provides substance abuse treatment services and detoxification. Their services include outpatient therapy and crisis stabilization for teens. Their multisystemic therapy plan allows your teen to get help for the problems that may be at the heart of the drug use.

If you have a teen with a drug or alcohol abuse problem, know that you are not alone. Teen addiction is escalating in this country as more young people try alcohol and drugs each year. You can get help for your teen by contacting us at RehabCenter.net today.

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