Teen Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Kansas

Teen Rehab Centers in KansasThere is a reason that more than 36 percent of high school seniors admit to trying drugs at one time or another. The developing brain of an adolescent gives them poor impulse control. Add to this the stressors teens face these days like peer pressure, bullying and the drive to get into a good college and many teens turn to drugs and alcohol just to cope. As of 2015, the National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that 9.7 percent of 8th graders are already drinking alcohol. By the time they are sophomores in high school, that number is up to 21.5 percent.

In the Sunflower State of Kansas, between 7.52 and 8.37 percent of the teen population uses drugs of some kind. This includes teens from age 12 to 17. Of that group, only up to 2.13 percent get the help they need to beat substance abuse and addiction. Facilities are creating specialized programs designed to pinpoint the problems teens face and provide solutions.

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What is Teen Addiction Treatment?

A program that focuses on teen alcohol and drug abuse is specially designed to meet the needs of their changing bodies and complex lives. The teen brain is more susceptible to addiction because it is still developing. Teens have access to many of the same drugs as adults, but their push to experiment takes them to new levels, as well. Teens will use everyday products to get high like inhaling gas fumes or drinking cough syrup.

Addiction is often a double-edged sword, too. Teens that rely on drugs or alcohol for stress relief may be dealing with mental health issues such as depression or gender confusion. Around 21,000 Kansas teens, that is 9.4 percent of the adolescent population, have experienced at least one major depressive episode in their young lifetime and less than 59 percent of them received treatment. Drinking and taking drugs is thought of as a way to feel better.

An adolescent addiction program combines behavioral, individual, group, and family therapy to help teens find better ways to cope. It starts with detoxification to remove the negative chemicals from the body. Addiction professionals will look for underlying causes like depression when developing a treatment plan. This allows them to manage any mental health issues while treating the addiction. The dual diagnosis scenario puts teens on a path to sobriety that will last a lifetime.

Kansas Teen Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

The state of Kansas has a number of facilities that create programs just for teens. Overland Park residents can turn to Marillac/IMPACT for help. The Marillac/IMPACT organization provides both residential, both short- and long-term, and outpatient treatment options. Their one-of-a-kind campus covers over 17 acres and specialized in care plans for kids up to the age of 18. The dual diagnosis approach offered there means teens get treatment for addiction and any co-occurring mental health disorder.

In Salina, parents should look at the Saint Francis organization. At Saint Francis Community Services and Residential Services, Inc., teens enjoy a state-of-the-art facility set up to deal with mental health and behavioral problems. The professionals at Saint Francis create a collaborative treatment plan for each patient designed to enhance their overall well-being and give them control over their lives.

In Wichita, there are at least 16 different facilities that work with teens. LaForges Addiction Therapy, for example, offers dual diagnosis treatment plans for teens that would benefit from outpatient therapy. For inpatient services, Wichita residents can turn to the Prairie View Mental Health Center. They offer residential and outpatient treatments designed to prevent relapse.

If you live in the great state of Kansas and have a teen in need, contact us at RehabCenter.net for help. We have addiction placement specialists on hand to assist you in figuring out what program is right for your family.

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