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Lutheran Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers

Jennifer Cousineau MSCP, LPCI, NCC

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Jennifer Cousineau, MSCP, LPCI, NCC

March 14, 2019

Spiritual healing during drug and alcohol recovery can positively impact individual recovery outcomes. Lutheran faith-based programs can be helpful for individuals who follow this faith.

What Are Lutheran Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers?

Lutheran drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers treat addiction and take an individual’s spiritual beliefs into account. The powerful combination of treatment and spirituality can help foster success for those in addiction recovery.

Lutheranism, a branch of Christianity, holds the belief that everyone is capable of receiving God’s forgiveness. Including these beliefs in drug and/or alcohol treatment can be important for some individuals. Not everyone will want to include faith in their recovery, but individuals who feel strongly about Lutheranism can potentially benefit from this type of program.

For these individuals, having faith incorporated into their drug or alcohol treatment program can help them make sense of their struggles. While drug and alcohol abuse are frowned upon by Lutherans, they do believe in repenting sins and receiving forgiveness. The process of repenting, and especially forgiving, can be detrimental during the healing process.

How Lutheran Faith-Based Treatment Programs Work

Though many Lutheran-based programs function similarly to regular treatment centers, they include a faith component in their recovery process. Rebuilding strength in Lutheranism in order to improve overall quality of life may help during the recovery process.

Self-forgiveness is a large part of addiction recovery. Reflecting on the effects of drugs and/or alcohol on a person’s life can help that person move forward. Lutheran drug and alcohol rehab centers aid individuals in re-committing to their Lutheran faith, taking that faith into account during treatment.

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Breaking an addiction can be very difficult, and some may argue it is even more so for people of faith. People have a difficult time enrolling in drug or alcohol rehab, stating that seeking treatment is the scariest part of facing their addiction. Individuals who hold Lutheran beliefs also feel this way and add to their conscience the pressure of letting down God.

The goal of intermixing faith with treatment during recovery is two-fold, as it allows individuals to heal and rebuild their spirit, and gives them time to repent, receive forgiveness from God and forgive themselves.

Spiritual Healing-Focused Recovery

Drug and alcohol addiction recovery can be a very difficult process. It may be the greatest obstacle someone suffering from addiction will face. Yet having strong convictions can help push individuals towards wanting a better quality of life.

Of the studies conducted on prayer, many reflect that the ritual of prayer promotes healing. Prayer has also been reported to improve outcomes in human conditions at times.

Although there is not any scientifically-based proof that Lutheran drug and alcohol recovery is more effective than non-faith-based treatment, Lutheran-based treatment may be of great help during recovery to those who hold these beliefs.

Prayer gives someone the means of intentional control and focus. Whether a higher power is involved or not, prayer shares many attributes with meditation, which has proven to have many health benefits.

Other Factors To Consider While Pursuing Treatment

When entering into a Lutheran rehab center, it is important to also consider other aspects of the recovery process, including the need for a medical detox program and an aftercare plan. Learning about how these components will interact with the faith component is important for a complete and successful recovery.

It may be best to go through any detox phases of recovery under the supervision of an inpatient program. If medication is required during recovery, there is also the option of enrolling in a medically-assisted detox program. Faith-based counseling will be available for individuals and for groups, making it easier to suit individual need.

Importance Of Treatment For Addiction

Addiction is a disease that affects both the body and brain, often changing behavior. Treating drug and alcohol addiction isn’t easy. It is not as simple as stopping taking drugs or consuming alcohol for a few days to be cured. Most people who suffer from addiction will need long-term and possibly follow-up care to stop using completely and fully recover.

No single treatment is right for everyone. Effective treatment addresses all the needs of an individual and not simply their drug or alcohol use. Including a faith component in treatment can help some build a stronger support system, which in turn can lead to higher success in recovery.

It is also a good idea for treatment plans to be reviewed often to make any modifications needed to support the recovering individual. Faith-based recovery plans often include prayer. The time spent in prayer can be reflective and help individuals focus on what they need in order to properly heal and regain control over their lives.

Perhaps the most important factor to consider when selecting a rehab program is individual need. If an individual is not completely comfortable about their inpatient rehab program, it could negatively impact their recovery. can assist you in finding a faith-based program that fits your needs. Contact us today.

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