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Protestant Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

Isaac Alexis, M.D., AAMA, AMP-BC

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Isaac Alexis, M.D., AAMA, AMP-BC

April 2, 2019

Some individuals who suffer from a drug or alcohol addiction may desire a rehabilitation center that honors their protestant religious believes. Thankfully, there are centers around the country that focus on treating drug addiction in people who belong to every major protestant denomination.

Have you ever experienced the burden of addiction or know someone who is currently facing dependency on a drug or alcohol? Not only does addiction destroy a person’s health, but the mental and emotional toll spreads like a disease to the friends and family of the person using drugs too.

Branches Of Protestantism

Protestantism stems was born when people broke away from the Roman Catholic church due to questions about its practices. Although this separation took place back in the 16th century, protestant ideas have not waned and has spread to encompass many denominations, including:

  • Lutherans
  • Methodists
  • Christian Reformed
  • Baptists
  • Presbyterian
  • Episcopal Churches
  • Pentecostal Assemblies

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The variations between these various denominations are often minute, but vital to each branch. Protestant drug addiction treatment centers work hard to ensure that all of these beliefs and belief variations are honored.

Protestant Beliefs

Although denominations may vary, protestant branches adhere to a general set of beliefs. Their principles are founded primarily in the notion that the Bible is the sole source of revelation.

Protestants also believe that people inherit salvation by the declaration of their faith in Jesus Christ alone, not by the number of good works they accomplish or by being granted salvation by a religious authority. That’s why protestant drug rehab centers are so vital: they help you reaffirm your faith in Jesus while working towards lifelong sobriety.

Joining A Religious Rehab Program

Finding a rehabilitation center than honors protestant faith might be a great idea for you. Studies have shown that people who attend faith-based drug rehab facilities are more likely to avoid relapse. It appears that the support system of a Church or belief system helps keep a person focused and determined in their rehab.

Not only does a person of a protestant denomination have church members and leadership to count on through troubles, but they also have the strength of their personal faith in Jesus Christ. In other words, at any point of weakness or temptation, the person knows that he or she is not alone.

Protestant Drug Rehab Programs

One might argue that faith-based rehabs also offer more conveniences and comforts to their patients. This is due to the fact that they address mental and emotional needs, but also help to nourish a patient’s spiritual wellness.

Protestant drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities offer the following:

Stepping Into Freedom

Making the decision to start rehab for a drug or alcohol problem is the first step of a beautiful journey. Although you may feel burdened by addiction now, it doesn’t have to continue.

Reaching out for help from professionals who are familiar with how to address and treat addiction is an intelligent choice. You must simply be willing to break free from the chains of addiction. Contact us at to receive assistance in finding a protestant drug or alcohol rehab center that is tailored to fit your religious beliefs and rehabilitation needs.

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