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Greek Orthodox Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

Isaac Alexis, M.D., AAMA, AMP-BC

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Isaac Alexis, M.D., AAMA, AMP-BC

April 2, 2019

Finding a rehab center that fits an individual’s beliefs is an important start to the recovery process. Greek Orthodox rehab centers allow an individual to focus on healing while also helping to strengthen their faith. These programs are customized to each individual and focus on ensuring everyone gets the help they need to live a life of sobriety.

When searching for an avenue out of the darkness of addiction, it is important to gain guidance from a source that adheres to your values.

If you follow Greek Orthodox traditions or are a member of the Greek Orthodox Church, then finding a drug rehab facility that aligns with your beliefs is vital. After all, treatment that is customized depending on individual needs is proven to be more effective.

In order to develop a holistic picture, let’s first discuss the dynamics of religion and drug addiction, in addition to what values and treatments you may be offered in a Greek Orthodox drug rehab facility.

Addiction Vs. Faith

If you’ve ever struggled with addiction or know someone who is dealing with a drug habit and you’re also a religious person, then you have probably recognized a significant notion: Faith and addiction don’t mix.

When a person is dependent on alcohol or another drug, his or her focus is primarily on how and when they can satisfy an urge. Rather than surrendering the problem to Jesus Christ (as someone with a Greek Orthodox background would do), the person using drugs “holds tightly” to addiction and seems unable to help him or herself. He or she is dominated by temptation.

Addiction to drugs or alcohol is distracting, oppressive, and hinders both personal and spiritual growth. That’s why seeking help from both a spiritual authority and medical standpoint is essential. Doing both is encouraged by the Greek Orthodox Church.

God And Science

According to Dr. Stanley Harakas, a reverend of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, “medical science is making enormous advances.” This includes recognition of great strides in developing effective medical procedures, medications, and proven therapies.

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However, Reverend Harakas also points out that spiritual healing should not be disregarded. Biblical beliefs that can be expected to be adhered to in a Greek Orthodox drug rehab facility would include:

  • Prayer
  • Anointing with oil
  • Counseling from a spiritual leader
  • Scriptural-based guidance

In other words, the Greek Orthodox Church values medicine and proven paths to effective treatment; but the church also holds steadfast to important religious traditions.


Although some medical advances have proved to be very useful, the Greek Orthodox Church challenges its members to recognize that not all treatments should be accepted as ethical. This brings us to the Greek Orthodox understanding of bioethics.

Bioethics in relation to Orthodoxy is explained by Reverend Harakas as such: “the very existence of Orthodoxy implies that there must be direction and guidance on medical topics [of concern] for the people of God.”

Thus, medical data and advances will be first filtered through the ethical principles based in Greek Orthodoxy. If treatments cross moral or ethical boundaries, they would not be implemented in a Greek Orthodox drug rehab facility.

By seeking a Greek Orthodox drug or alcohol addiction rehab center, you can be assured that the treatments that the facility offers adhere to Orthodox Christian doctrine.

Saint Ephraim

A great part of Greek Orthodox tradition is understanding the miracle-working powers of prayer and looking to guidance from the saints.

The Greek Orthodox Church acknowledges Saint Ephraim as the patron saint for those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. Saint Ephraim of Nea Makri has given guidance to many people plagued with the turmoil of dependency on a drug.

In Orthodox tradition, the miracle-working Saint Ephraim has appeared to people in dreams or during prayer in astounding moments of revelation.

One example was in 1990 when a young Greek-American man described very personal encounters with Saint Ephraim in which the Saint had intervened in life-threatening situations, keeping him safe and giving him guidance to seek treatment at a specific drug rehab facility.

How To Become Sober

An integral part of faith is coming to the recognition that you don’t know it all. Unfortunately, when we try to do life our own way, sometimes we get on the wrong path.

This doesn’t mean that we are beyond help or that we should give up. Due to your Greek Orthodox background, you are aware that God has a better plan for you. But simply understanding this isn’t enough. You must make the decision to get help.

Let Your Guard Down

Although you might feel as if you could muster the strength to try to face addiction on your own, the truth is that it takes an even stronger you to reach out for help beyond what you can offer yourself.

You don’t have to feel alone or allow yourself to be stuck in shame because of a problem with addiction. There are professionals who will unite with you in your Greek Orthodox faith so that you can rise above the darkness of addiction.

Everyone is different and here at, we offer thousands of resources to those who are in need of recovery, making note of how different each individual is. Recovery doesn’t have to feel impossible anymore because we know that your needs require specific care and that a Greek Orthodox rehab center may be the best fit for you.

With our extensive database and connections with facilities across America, getting into a facility that is right for you is just a click away. We’re here to help. Contact us today and start on a new path in life when you receive treatment from a Greek Orthodox drug rehab center that meets your individual needs.

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