Rehab Centers That Accept Humana Insurance In Maine

Statistics show that most people who are battling addiction across the country will not get the treatment that they so desperately need. In fact, only a small fraction of the population who is addicted to drugs and alcohol will receive treatment at a qualified rehab center. There are many reasons for this, including that people do not have access to the resources that they need in order to get into the right treatment programs and that many people do not feel that they can afford treatment at one of these facilities. Maine residents who are facing a battle with addiction should note that their health insurance plan may help them cover all or part of the cost of treatment. Humana health insurance and its subsidiaries may be able to help patients in Maine who are hoping to get the treatment they need in order to overcome addiction.

Addiction Treatment Options

Many patients are not aware that there are so many different treatment options available for addiction. These customized treatment options ensure that everyone creates a treatment plan that is designed to meet their own unique needs. Patients can choose from inpatient rehab centers, outpatient counseling facilities and holistic treatment centers.

An inpatient rehab center is designed for patients who want to focus completely on their recovery journey without any outside influences. These programs are often ideal for those who have a severe addiction to drugs and alcohol, or those who have been battling addiction for many years.

An outpatient counseling facility is a wonderful option for patients who can balance their normal daily obligations with their recovery treatment plan. Patients who choose these facilities work with counselors on an individual basis as well as in a group setting.

Holistic treatment centers offer an alternative approach to the traditional treatment process. Natural techniques such as yoga, art therapy and nutritional therapy are used in order to help patients cope with the recovery process. The goal is to help patients heal their whole selves, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Humana Health Insurance in Maine

Humana is a health care provider that may offer health care coverage to people in Maine through its main corporation or one of its subsidiaries. Humana health care plans are available in several different levels depending on the person’s location and background. Most plans require patients to pay a monthly premium, and some may also require patients to pay out-of-pocket costs for health care services. Health savings accounts are available on some of their plans. All plans include coverage for preventative care, emergency care and prescription drugs.

Humana Health Coverage for Addiction Treatment Services

Humana and its subsidiaries may provide patients who are battling addiction with coverage for their treatment. Each health insurance policy will vary, but in most cases all or part of behavioral health care services are covered for qualified patients. Patients will want to decide on a specific type of treatment, such as inpatient treatment or holistic care, and then confirm that their health insurance policy will provide them with coverage for those services.

Humana has different category levels for its individual plans. One popular category is the silver level, as it is a plan that provides patients with significant coverage for their health care services for a moderate cost. One silver level plan that is available to Humana customers has a deductible of $4,600 for an individual or $9,200 for a family. Under this plan, patients have to pay 20 percent coinsurance for their mental health care and behavioral health care needs, including substance abuse treatment.

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If you know someone that is showing the signs and symptoms of addiction, do not hesitate to speak up. You may be able to help them get the treatment that they need in order to recover and live a productive, sober life. When you reach out to, you are immediately connected with a caring counselor who will help you find a rehab center that offers the addiction treatment services that you need. In addition, our counselors can help you find a facility that accepts your Humana health care plan. For more information, call today. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you on your journey.

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