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Rehab Centers That Accept Humana Insurance In Florida

Isaac Alexis, M.D., AAMA, AMP-BC

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Isaac Alexis, M.D., AAMA, AMP-BC

February 26, 2019

Individual health care plans in each state insurance marketplace need to cover addiction care as an essential health benefit, so any plan an individual chooses will cover some of these costs. This way, treatment needs will be met for each individual. Humana insurance company offers a variety of insurance plans in Florida that can help pay for care.

Humana Coverage in Florida

Humana has a number of plans in Florida that fall into the different metallic categories you find in state insurance marketplaces. These plans fit the entire spectrum from bronze to platinum. The bronze and silver plans allow you to pay a lower fee as your monthly payment, but they will cover a lower amount when you use the plan for health services. The gold and platinum plans, on the other hand, require higher monthly payments, yet they cover a higher percentage of your care. You will see the deductible you will be responsible for as an individual in the name of each plan, which you usually need to pay in full before the designated coverage starts.

Each and every individual Humana plan gives you coverage for mental health, behavioral health and substance use disorder services. These Humana plans cover alcohol dependency, chemical dependency, and mental illness.

Humana Plans Available to You

The Humana plans available in your state are HMO plans that have a network of providers you can visit for care. These are the main plans you can pick from, although your specific plan might vary somewhat.

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Lower Metallic Levels

There are two bronze level plans with differing deductible amounts. One is the Humana Bronze 4850 HMO plan, which only covers in-network providers. Both inpatient and outpatient treatment for substance abuse and mental health come with a 20 percent co-insurance. The other bronze plan is the Humana Bronze 6300 HMO-HDHP plan. With this plan, there is no charge for inpatient and outpatient care with network providers, and non-network providers are not covered. At the silver level, you have the Humana Silver 4600 HMO plan, which does not cover facilities and health professionals outside the network. You can get care with those in the network for a 20 percent co-insurance for both inpatient and outpatient care. With all of these plans through Humana, you might need to get inpatient care authorized in advance to avoid a fee.

Higher Metallic Levels

The gold plan offered in your state is the Humana Gold 2500 HMO plan, which only covers in-network care. It would require you to pay a 20 percent co-insurance for inpatient and outpatient services for mental health and substance abuse. Finally, the plan at the platinum level is the Humana Platinum 1000 HMO plan. This plan has a low deductible and costs you a 20 percent co-insurance for these types of care in the network. It does not cover out-of-network care. To avoid a penalty, you may need to get pre-authorization for inpatient care with these plans.

Non-Metallic Plans

Aside from the metallic levels, Humana also offers a basic plan, the Humana Basic 6600, which is an HMO plan. This plan does not cover providers outside the network, and there is no charge on your part for inpatient and outpatient services within the network. Like the other plan options, you might need to get your inpatient care pre-approved.

Make the Most of Your Insurance Plan

Once you choose a Florida Humana plan, make sure you go to a treatment facility or professional within the network so you can bring down the cost of care. Also, compare the costs of different providers to find ones that will fit your budget. These actions can make treatment more attainable, helping you get that new lease on life you’re after.

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