Rehab Centers That Accept Humana Insurance In Arizona

The price of treatment is incredibly important for many people when they are comparing rehab programs for drug addiction, since they need to fit the cost of care into their budget. Nonetheless, it shouldn’t be the only consideration, as the quality of the program and how well it will work for you are key. You can get a more affordable price on top-notch care by using a health insurance plan for your treatment. Just like with regular health care needs, health insurance plans in your state marketplace cover substance abuse, mental health, and behavioral health services. You can find a plan that will fit your needs for addiction rehabilitation in Arizona through Humana.

What kinds of benefits do Humana’s Arizona plans provide specifically for drug treatment and mental illness? In this state, Humana offers HMO plans to residents. This means that you will be able to see specialists and visit facilities that are part of Humana’s large network, but your care won’t be covered if you receive it from providers that are outside the network.

In Arizona, Humana offers a range of plans from bronze to platinum, along with a catastrophic option. Just like with jewelry, the platinum and gold plans are considered the best, costing more each month but providing more coverage than the silver and bronze plans, which cost less on monthly premiums with less coverage. Choose a plan that will fit your monthly budget and your health care needs, both for substance abuse needs and other kinds of health care.

Catastrophic Coverage

With the Humana Basic 6600 HMO plan, which has a deductible of $6,600 for an individual, you get catastrophic coverage. After your deductible, this plan doesn’t charge you anything for your inpatient or outpatient care when you stay within the network. You might need pre-authorization for your inpatient care.

Metallic Plans

The Humana Bronze 6300 plan has no charge to you for your inpatient and outpatient substance abuse and mental health care after you pay the deductible of $6,300. The Humana Silver 4600 plan requires you to pay a 20 percent co-insurance for inpatient and outpatient care after covering the cost of the $4,600 deductible.

At the gold level, you have the Humana Gold 2500 plan. This plan comes with a 20 percent co-insurance for both types of treatment after taking care of the $2,500 deductible. The Humana Platinum 1000 plan also requires you to pay a 20 percent co-insurance for the different types of care, although it has a lower deductible of $1,000. Pre-authorization might be necessary for inpatient care with all of these health insurance plans.

What Does Your Plan Cover?

With a Humana health insurance plan, you will gain coverage for substance abuse and addiction of various substances, which could include alcohol, narcotics, and others. You will also have coverage if you require mental health care for a co-occurring mental or behavioral health concern, such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, and more. The Humana network will be able to take care of your treatment needs because it is composed of a wide range of mental health and substance abuse specialists, such as psychiatrists, and social workers.

With some kinds of care, you need to get Humana to approve the treatment type before you can use your insurance plan for it. This includes treatment such as detoxification in an inpatient facility, partial hospitalization, and psychological testing. You may need pre-authorization for outpatient behavioral health services. It’s best to check with your carrier on the type of care you want to receive so you can make sure it will be covered. You can even check about unique kinds of services, such as wilderness programs that help you through the recovery process with the help of the magic and wonder of the outdoors.

Don’t Overlook Insurance Coverage

While you’re trying to find ways to handle the costs of a rehab program or mental health help, make sure health insurance is part of your plans. It will pay for a part of your health care costs, which will help your budget along with choosing more affordable programs and treatment types. Any Humana plan in Arizona can help you lower your treatment costs, giving you a stepping stone toward the life you hope for.

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