Rehab Centers That Accept BCBS Insurance In North Carolina

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Rehab Centers That Accept BCBS Insurance In North Carolina

Dr. Gerardo Sison

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Dr. Gerardo Sison

April 1, 2019

If paying for the cost of addiction treatment is preventing you from going, look into a health insurance plan that could pay for some of your treatment costs. Blue Cross Blue Shield offers many individual plans in North Carolina, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding a plan that will give you some coverage.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Individual Insurance in North Carolina

In North Carolina, Blue Cross Blue Shield offers a broad array of individual health insurance plans. All of them provide coverage for substance abuse treatment and mental health services. This means they get you the right kind of treatment even if you have a dual diagnosis. You will find plans on all levels and within Blue Cross Blue Shield’s different selections of Blue Advantage, Blue Select, and Blue Value. The plans range from the lowest level, bronze, which costs less each month for the premium but covers less of your care, up to platinum, which costs the most per month but gives you better coverage.

With your chosen plan, you can pick whether an outpatient program that allowed you to come and go would work best for your life, or if you would prefer entering an inpatient program that removed you from your regular life for a while. You could look into different options, such as holistic and wilderness programs, to see if your plan will cover them.

Choose From Many Plans

Since this carrier offers so many plans in this state, this will only give you a sample. However, there are many more you could look into to fit your specific needs. You can figure out the deductible for an individual by the number in each plan name. Generally, you need to pay the deductible before you gain the following plan benefits:

At the platinum level, you have the Blue Advantage Platinum 500 PPO plan. For an office visit, you would pay a $20 fee. For outpatient and inpatient care, your cost would be a 20 percent co-insurance. Outside the network, you would pay a 50 percent co-insurance for all services.

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One of the gold level choices is the Blue Advantage Gold 1000 PPO plan. In the network, expect to spend $30 for an office visit or a 20 percent co-insurance for inpatient and outpatient care. If you visit a provider outside the network, all services cost a 50 percent co-insurance.

At the silver level, you could opt for the Blue Advantage Silver 2800 PPO plan. The cost for an office visit with this plan is $60, while inpatient and outpatient treatment services cost a co-insurance of 30 percent if you stay in the network. If you prefer to go outside the network, expect to pay a 60 percent co-insurance.

The bronze level includes the Blue Advantage Bronze 2700 PPO plan, which is eligible for a health savings account. In the network, your inpatient and outpatient care costs a 50 percent co-insurance, while outside the network it goes up to 60 percent.

These plans are broad network plans, meaning that you have access to a wide range of providers at in-network prices. You also have the choice of Blue Select plans that come with tiered benefits with the broad network of providers or Blue Value plans that have a limited network. The Blue Select and Blue Value plans help you keep costs down on your monthly premiums.

Blue Cross Blue Shield also offers multi-state plans and catastrophic coverage in your state. The Blue Advantage Catastrophic PPO plan that includes the broad network has a $6,600 individual deductible for in-network providers. If you stay in the network, you can benefit from a 0 percent co-insurance for inpatient and outpatient care. Outside the network, the cost of care goes up to 30 percent.

Take Advantage of Your Coverage

Once you have a health insurance plan through Blue Cross Blue Shield, you’ll gain assistance paying for your treatment needs. Now nothing needs to stand in the way of you moving forward. If you have any more questions about insurance or need help finding a rehab center near you, please contact us at to learn more.

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