Top 4 Drug Rehab Centers Near Burien, Washington

Residents of Burien, Washington will find limited rehab programs available within the community. However, nearby Seattle provides an array of additional treatment opportunities.

Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Burien, Washington

There is currently one outpatient drug and alcohol rehab center located within Burien itself: 2nd Chance Recovery Center.

2nd Chance Recovery Center

2nd Chance Recovery Center is a state-certified addiction treatment center. This outpatient facility is open six days a week and provides a variety of substance abuse services. Some of the services include alcohol/drug evaluations, deferred prosecutions, anger management classes, relapse prevention, moral reconation therapy, and an intensive outpatient program.

Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers Near Burien, Washington

There are several more addiction treatment centers about a half an hour north of Burien in Seattle.

Navos & Highwest Residence, Seattle, Washington

Navos offers compassionate and respectful care for those suffering with mental health challenges and addiction. With a 70-bed facility, they create individualized inpatient plans that include learning healthy behaviors, managing cravings, and working through trauma. Once a person is discharged, they help them locate and access community resources for recovery.

La Esperanza, Seattle, Washington

La Esperanza offers a full-spectrum of outpatient services. This bi-lingual, bi-cultural center focuses on creating a safe, healthy environment in which patients can learn, heal, and grow.

The Emily Program, Seattle, Washington

The Emily Program offers outpatient intensive and full-day programs specifically-designed for those suffering with eating and substance use disorders. Some services are available in Seattle. However, their more intensive services require a person to travel to the Minnesota campus for an extended program.

Substance Abuse In Burien & King County, Washington

In 2017, nearly 400 King County deaths could be attributed to drugs or alcohol. Heroin and other opioids like fentanyl continue to claim many lives. Here are some other King County facts:

  • Meth deaths have also risen. The number of people who died in 2017 was 7 times the number in 2008.
  • Young men in King County have been disproportionately impacted. Those dealing with homelessness and certain racial and ethnic minorities find themselves at increased risk.
  • If a person is African-American, they have a 30% higher risk of a drug or alcohol related death in King County. Native Americans are 5.5 times more likely to die.

Leaving Burien, Washington For Treatment

Staying close to home for treatment can work for some people. But it’s important that those impacted by addiction explore their options outside Burien or even Washington.

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