0 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in College Station, Texas

College Station, Texas is a city east of Austin and north of Houston and is home to Texas A&M University. While there are plenty of amenities to enjoy in the area and great weather throughout the region, substance abuse rates have increased in recent years among the young population. 

Rehab Centers In College Station, Texas

There are more than 104,000 residents of College Station, and the median age is 23. With several young people leaving home for the first time to attend college, there is a significant need for quality counseling and rehabilitation services.

La Hacienda Treatment Center 

La Hacienda Treatment Center provides a range of treatment options for individuals at their College Station facility. Treatment includes inpatient detox, family support, inpatient residential treatment, counseling, group therapy sessions, and specialized programming for dual diagnosis. The needs of each individual are assessed and a treatment plan is created to meet those needs.

Symetria Recovery

Symetria Recovery is a recovery program that focuses on treatment for opioid addiction. Treatment is provided through intensive outpatient programs, therapy, medication-assisted therapy, family support, and continuing care services.

Rehab Centers Near College Station, Texas

College Station is situated between two major cities, Houston and Austin. While some residential treatment is available in College Station, some people may choose to enter residential treatment or a detox program an hour or so away in the larger cities.

Burning Tree Lodge, Elgin, Texas

Situated between Austin and College Station in Elgin, Burning Tree Lodge offers a 90-day residential treatment program. The program is based on the 12-step model of recovery, which is supplemented by clinical support. Burning Tree Lodge is accredited by the Joint Commission, which oversees quality standards of care.

Integral Care: Residential Services, Austin, Texas

Integral Care provides services of all levels for those dealing with substance abuse and mental health issues in Austin and the surrounding area. The center has help standing by 24 hours a day via a crisis hotline. Those that call are provided with treatment options in Austin, from detox programs to aftercare services.

Substance Abuse In College Station, Texas

College Station has a young population mainly due to Texas A&M University. As such, substance abuse issues and treatment are geared towards young adults. The University of Texas at Austin has gathered data and established drug abuse trends from 2017 throughout Texas that include:

  • Treatment admissions and deaths from methamphetamine suggest this drug is the biggest problem throughout Texas.
  • Fentanyl abuse is common in College Station and the surrounding area. The abuse of prescription opioids continues to grow.
  • Heroin overdose-death rates are not as high compared to the rest of the U.S. but continue to rise in Texas.

Traveling For The Best Program

If you live in College Station and are not comfortable seeking treatment in the area, it's important to consider traveling to a nearby city to find the right substance abuse treatment program for you. To find a treatment program located in the state of Texas, contact rehabcenter.net and speak to someone who can help.

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