3 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Cleburne, Texas

Cleburne, Texas is a small city that lies just south of the Dallas-Fort Worth area and has many amenities for residents to enjoy. With a low cost of living, stable housing environment, and sunny weather throughout most of the year, around 30,000 people call Clebourne home.

Rehab Centers In Cleburne, Texas

30,000 people are more than enough to warrant substance abuse and behavioral health care services. There are two alcohol and drug rehab centers in Cleburne: Helping Open People’s Eyes (HOPE) and The STAR Council.

Helping Open People's Eyes (HOPE)

This treatment facility provides individuals with outpatient rehabilitation in the form of counseling services. Recovery is the focus here, and individuals often attend treatment with a therapist after a period of detoxification or residential care. HOPE recognizes that addiction and recovery take not only time but education and support.

The STAR Council On Substance Abuse Center

The STAR program is for individuals over 18 who need outpatient services such as group counseling or individual therapy. The center also provides specialized services for women who are pregnant. In many cases, people who have completed residential treatment, and want additional support after returning home, enter this program.

Rehab Centers near Cleburne, Texas

With a close proximity to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, residents can seek more involved rehabilitation services in the larger cities of Dallas and Fort Worth. While counseling services are available in Cleburne, residents can go to nearby cities for other outpatient options, detox programs, and residential treatment services.

Pecan Valley Centers, Granbury, Texas 

Pecan Valley is an outpatient treatment facility located 30 miles west of Cleburne. This center provides a specialized program for dual diagnosis, which allows those with both addiction and mental health needs to succeed with therapy. Their program focuses on the complexities of mental illness and helps patients develop coping skills and learn stress management.

Medical City Green Oaks, Dallas, Texas 

Located an hours drive away in Dallas, this treatment program provides detox support, residential inpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, and outpatient services to manage addiction. Suboxone and buprenorphine treatment is available for those suffering from opioid dependence or addiction.

Substance Abuse In Cleburne, Texas

As Cleburne is close to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, substance abuse in Cleburne follows similar trends seen in the two larger cities. According to The University of Texas at Austin Steve Hicks School of Social Work, the following drug trends have been discovered:

  • Methamphetamine has become a larger problem than heroin as indicated through treatment admissions, number of deaths, and calls to poison control.

  • Deaths associated with cocaine use are on the rise, while treatment admissions for cocaine abuse have decreased. 

  • Fentanyl abuse continues to be a problem in the area. While there are fewer reports of fentanyl and heroin overdoses than the U.S. at large, the use of fentanyl along with other prescription opioids continues to rise.

  • Heroin is ranked 4th in the area for substance abuse. The heroin tends to be the black tar variety or powdered brown heroin.

Traveling For The Best Program

If you need treatment for addiction and aren't able to find a fitting program in Cleburne, consider traveling to find a program that will work right for you. There are numerous options for effective addiction treatment in Texas. Contact rehabcenter.net to learn more about the options for treatment in your area or beyond.

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