Angleton, Texas Substance Use Statistics And Treatment Options

Many Angleton residents struggle with substance use disorder, causing a decline in their quality of life. To recover from these disorders, it’s important to find an effective addiction treatment program in Texas.

Substance Use Statistics In Angleton And Brazoria County, Texas

All cities and counties in the state of Texas have problems with substance use and drug trafficking. Just in 2017, almost 3,000 people in the state of Texas died because of drug overdose.

Here are some facts specific to substance use and treatment in Angleton and Brazoria County.

  • In Brazoria County, the drug overdose death rate was approximately 12.22 deaths per 100,000 residents as of 2017.
  • Over the last five years, the drug overdose death rate in Brazoria County has been steadily increasing, indicating that the problem with substance abuse in this area is getting worse over time.
  • The drug overdose death rate in Brazoria County is slightly higher than the average rate for the state of Texas during 2017.
  • The drug overdose death rate in Brazoria County is substantially lower than the average drug overdose death rate across the United States, such was calculated at 21.7 deaths per 100,000 residents during 2017.
  • Brazoria County is home to a total of six state-licensed substance abuse treatment centers. Two of these treatment facilities are located in the city of Angleton. All of these facilities offer outpatient treatment only.

Angleton, Texas Addiction Treatment Options

Treatment facilities in Angleton, Texas, offer primarily outpatient treatment. However, you can find inpatient treatment options in nearby locations.

As you compare different treatment programs, keep in mind that the most effective programs tailor their treatment based on the characteristics of each patient who enrolls.

Detox Programs

Before entering a professional treatment program, drug and alcohol detox is recommended. Detox programs are designed to support you as you go through withdrawal, ensuring that you complete the process as safely and comfortably as possible.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment in Angleton

The recommended first line of treatment for addiction is inpatient treatment. Inpatient treatment programs are comprehensive, providing around-the-clock support and keeping patients under constant supervision.

If you choose inpatient treatment, you’ll have access to a variety of individual and group-based treatment services. Inpatient addiction treatment programs vary in length, with some lasting only a few weeks and others lasting for many months.


Outpatient addiction treatment programs are less intensive than inpatient treatment, requiring patients to come to the treatment center only when they have a scheduled session.

This type of program will be most effective if you have plenty of support from family and friends. Some people also use outpatient treatment as a form of aftercare following a residential program.


Aftercare Planning And Services

Ongoing support is essential for every patient who completes an addiction treatment program. Most rehab facilities offer aftercare planning and services in order to meet this need.

Some of the aftercare services you may consider after being discharged from treatment include 12-step participation, peer recovery support, and sober living.

How To Pay For Alcohol Or Drug Rehab

If you have a health insurance policy, the majority of your rehab expenses may be covered. To pay the rest of your bill, you can use credit cards or cash.

Before enrolling in treatment, be sure to verify your coverage and expenses by contacting the treatment facility and your health insurance company.

Virtual Care Is Available With Regard Healthcare

Virtual care is the ideal treatment option for anyone who does not want to attend treatment in person.

Regard Healthcare provides on-demand virtual behavioral care for patients with both mental health and substance use disorders. Several different scheduling options are available to meet the needs of any patient.


Regard Healthcare Texas  is only four hours away from Angleton, making it a viable choice for patients looking for residential treatment.

Our facility is located on 65 acres of natural landscape, offering a relaxing environment that promotes recovery. Both evidence-based and alternative therapies are used at Regard Healthcare Texas to improve your overall quality of life.

For more information on Regard Healthcare, please reach out today.

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