Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Choctaw, Oklahoma

Currently, there is one alcohol and drug rehabilitation center in Choctaw, Oklahoma.  Such a facility may offer outpatient counseling to individuals wishing to stop using alcohol and drugs. Choctaw is a small city with a population just over 12,000 people, located 4 hours north of Dallas, Texas.

Oklahoma Substance Use Disorders Statistics

Oklahoma is not the largest state in the country, but it does see some of the highest rates of drug and alcohol abuse. In 2012, Oklahoma had the second highest number of substance use disorders in the United States, with 11.9 percent of Oklahomans who needed treatment.

A substance use disorder (SUD) is a condition in which the use of one or more substances leads to significant impairment, or distress.

The Oklahoma Department of Substance Abuse and Mental Health estimates that somewhere between 700,00 and 950,000 people need help in Oklahoma for a substance use disorder, or mental illness.

Five of the most commonly abused drugs in Oklahoma are:

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers In Choctaw

There is an outpatient rehab that can help those in recovery from drug and alcohol abuse and makes it their mission to enhance and improve the quality of life, and wellbeing of individuals and families within their community.

In an effort to care for people suffering from substance use disorders, or mental illnesses, they provide outpatient counselling, drug and alcohol education, community outreach programs, substance abuse prevention, and professional interventions.

 Addiction Treatment Programs

Each person has their own reasons for becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol. An individual might start using a substance to cope with traumatic events, or mental illness, but then they continue this self-medication, they may develop an unhealthy dependence to the drug.

Treating a drug or alcohol addiction often requires time and an understanding of where certain behaviors come from. Most people’s addictions are unique in some way, thus an individualized addiction treatment program. The addiction treatment programs offered in Choctaw are as follows:

  • Christian Alcohol And Drug Rehab
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment
  • Teen Addiction Treatment
  • Court Ordered Addiction Treatment

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