Top 5 Drug Rehab Centers Near Franklin, North Carolina

In Franklin, North Carolina, treatment options are limited. To find more available rehab programs, residents may need to travel up to an hour or more.

Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Franklin, North Carolina

Franklin, North Carolina is home to at least one addiction treatment center: Appalachian Community Services.

Appalachian Community Services (ACS)

Offering behavioral health and community services, ACS has a number of programs open for substance use disorders: an adult recovery unit, outpatient therapy, intensive outpatient treatment, and DWI programs. As the major resource available in Franklin, ACS can request a referral for inpatient treatment, conduct therapy, or support withdrawal and detox.

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Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers Near Franklin, North Carolina

Within 60 miles of Franklin, residents will find additional rehab centers in Clyde and across the state border in Blairsville, Georgia.

Behavioral Health Group, Clyde, North Carolina

With programs designed to help with opioid addiction and other substance use disorders, the Behavioral Health Group is a comprehensive treatment center with multiple locations throughout North Carlina. Treatment services include medically assisted treatment, addiction counseling, and outpatient treatment programs.

MedMark Treatment Centers, Blairsville, Georgia

As a methadone maintenance program, opioid addiction treatment center, and general substance abuse clinic, MedMark Treatment Centers provides addiction treatment in multiple locations around Georgia. Services are focused on medication-assisted treatment to address cravings and dependence from opioid use.

Avita Community Partners (ACP), Blairsville, Georgia

A community-based mental health treatment center, ACP provides addiction treatment services focused on rehabilitation. Classes, counseling, employment support, and medical support are all available. Medication management, nursing services, and coordinating care are also provided.

New Hope Counseling, Blairsville, Georgia

Founded in 1996, New Hope Counseling offers alcohol and drug classes, individual therapy sessions, clinical substance abuse evaluations, and impact programs. This community counseling center also provides peer and professional support and relapse prevention services.

Substance Abuse In Franklin & Macon County, North Carolina

Franklin and Macon County are greatly affected by opioid abuse and addiction. Some facts regarding opioids in the region include:

  • Multiple North Carolina counties have banded together to initiate a lawsuit against pharmaceutical companies.
  • Sixty-percent of all calls and complaints in neighboring counties are due to opioids, including calls related to criminal theft and child abuse.
  • The deadly opioid fentanyl is often mixed with heroin and crystal meth in the region.

Leaving Franklin, North Carolina For Treatment

With limited treatment options located in Franklin, residents can consider traveling to other areas. For assistance tracking down and locating available treatment centers, reach out to and speak with a treatment specialist.

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