Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Cassadaga, New York

Although Cassadaga is a small village of just over 600 people, it is a town with many bodies of water which provide beautiful views for its residents and visitors. In particular, the Cassadaga Lake offers natural recreation of all kinds: fishing, swimming, hiking, and more.

Given its environmental appeal, Cassadaga could be a great place for someone who is healing, especially from substance abuse. Even if you don't live in Cassadaga or in the town of Stockton where it's located, you might be interested in coming to the village for outpatient counseling if you live elsewhere in Chautauqua County or in any of the neighboring counties. These include Erie County, Cattaraugus County, and the Pennsylvania counties of Warren and Erie.

The Importance Of Seeking Treatment For Substance Abuse

Substance abuse disorders do not stem from the result of a lack of willpower or intelligence. Nor does having one mean you have a character flaw. Substance abuse disorder is a real medical condition that can affect anyone, from any walk of life. Falling victim to it may place a harsh strain on your physical health, self-esteem, finances, work, and relationships. In the state of New York, the most common substances that push people to seek treatment are alcohol and heroin. But a wide variety of drugs, both legal and illegal, can cause you to need help. You may have very little luck beating substance abuse on your own.

Fortunately, substance abuse can be effectively treated. Depending on the substance and degree of abuse, you could need a variety of services, from residential treatment, to detox, to outpatient counseling. If you are not in immediate medical danger and you would benefit from a low level of treatment, outpatient counseling may be a good fit for you. It can also be used to supplement higher levels of treatment. You can receive outpatient counseling at TLC Health Network in Cassadaga.

TLC Health Network

TLC Health Network is a non-profit health system that has been serving the community since 2002. It originated as a merger between the Tri-County Memorial Hospital and the Lake Shore Hospital. Nowadays, TLC Health Network has facilities in Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, and Erie counties.

These facilities are committed to the values of integrity, compassion, accountability, respect, and excellence. They offer chemical dependency services, including outpatient counseling, in addition to a host of medical services.

Outpatient counseling can be surprisingly helpful in substance abuse recovery. TLC Health Network's outpatient chemical dependency clinic in Cassadaga accepts patients of all ages. Services can be walk-in based, referred by a physician, or court-mandated. You will receive an individualized outpatient plan and help from clinicians and credentialed chemical dependency counselors. Aside from individual counseling, supplemental services like group therapy are also available. The Clinic is located on North Main Street in Cassadaga.

Recover In Cassadaga

The number of people in the United States who suffer from addiction to drugs or alcohol is well into the millions. Don't contribute to this troubling statistic. To learn more about treatment methods and options, or to reach professionals who will help you along the way, contact us at today.

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