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It can be difficult for someone who's never struggled with a drug or alcohol addiction to understand the nature of it's pull. This is often a primary reason why those who do suffer find themselves in isolation. Unfortunately, those in Indiana struggling with this all-too-common problem are not alone. In fact, the state ranks in the top ten states in the nation when it comes to those ages 12 and over with addiction. While it may seem difficult or even impossible to overcome these types of addictions, the truth is that a growing number in the area are turning to a beacon of hope that has proven for hundreds to provide the long-term recovery they needed. Thankfully, cities like Rushville offer people like you access to the drug addiction treatment they need.

A Long Road Ahead

Addiction recovery is a long road and there are sure to be bumps along the way. Among some of the symptoms you can expect to face as you work through detox include: sweating, racing heart, anxiety, muscle tension, palpitation, tightness in the chest and nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. 

In fact, some symptoms can even be dangerous such as delirium tremors commonly experienced by those struggling with alcoholism. Whether you've long been seeking the solution to your addiction or the concept is new in your mind, there is a facility in Rushville prepared to help pave the way to a successful life. 

Centerstone Rush County

Located on Conrad Harcourt Way, Centerstone Rush County offers a fresh and effective approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Using a dual-diagnosis system, they start by addressing the potential mental blocks hindering you from success. Best of all, they can treat both adult and teens as they adjust their program to best cater to every age group.

 Holistic Approach

There are many ways to approach treatment, and one that Centerstone Rush County has had success with for many patients is holistic. This type of treatment focuses on healing the mind, body, and spirit. It is designed to bring balance back to the patient and there are many forms, including: massage therapy, herbalism, aroma therapy and light therapy.

The patient learns how to balance the various aspects of their life that leads to stress and anxieties that can send them back to the temporary comforts of their drug of choice.

 Payment Assistance Available

Centerstone Rush County offer a number of convenient ways to pay for treatment. Aside from the acceptance of private and state-financed insurance, they also offer assistance for those on a low income using their income-based sliding fee scale based on income and other circumstances. 

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