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Addiction comes in many forms and those struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol understand how quickly it can overtake your life. However, once you realize it's come to this point, you can begin the road to treatment. Franklin offers an inviting atmosphere for you to take this journey in, with its supportive environment and friendly faces. 

Friendly faces will be crucial to break the isolation that substance abuse can cause. And that isolation continues to grow: the use of illegal substances used at least once a month has drastically risen in Indiana over the years, sometimes reaching has high as 10th in the country.

That's what makes treatment centers, like the one in Franklin, so crucial. They allow you a safe place to detox and begin to change your psychology to help you not only overcome your particular addiction but also to set you up for success in the future. 

Tara Treatment Center Inc

Tara Treatment Center Inc has been helping people with their excellent rehabilitation services since 1985. They strive to maintain a friendly atmosphere and make all their patients feel at home to best allow them to develop new faith in things other than drugs and alcohol. 

Their program is multi-dimensional, and they take a variety of approaches to ensure each patient is able to understand both their minds and bodies in order to have the best chances for future success. They focus heavily on one-on-one attention, to help their patients truly get to the roots of their addiction. That's why they maintain a low client-to-staff ratio. Their Residential Program typically features a five-to-one ratio of clients to staff to ensure each patient has access to quality and individualized care. 

Relapse Prevention Therapy

Relapse is a dangerous concern that often makes a person recovering from addiction feel like a failure. However, Tara offers a relapse prevention therapy program to help set you up for success once you re-enter the real world. 

Conducted by advanced certified relapse prevention specialists, these sessions are geared toward helping the patient understand their unique personality styles and lifestyle problems that could lead to relapse. It also helps teach people what to do after a relapse and how to avoid falling back into a permanent habit. 

Variety of Payment Options

The caring staff at Tara Treatment Center Inc can also cause financial problems. That's why they offer a number of convenient payment options. Whether you plan to pay with cash, insurance, or need financial assistance, they're there to help you receive the help you need. 

Rehab centers like this put recovery in the palm of your hand. Don't be afraid to grasp it: if you need help with anything regarding rehab, contact us at

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