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The city of Sepulveda, known now as North Hills, lies in San Fernando Valley surrounded by majestic mountain views. It's here where people enjoy a simple life relishing in the mild climate that averages around 60 degrees throughout the year. With a semi-arid climate where the most rain that may be seen is about 4 inches in February, people enjoy the many outdoor activities, festivals and events throughout the region.

Alcohol Treatment Available In Sepulveda (North Hills)

There are several drug and alcohol treatment facilities available in the Sepulveda community. They offer a variety of services that will be tailored to your specific needs so you can get the treatment you need to have a successful experience with the program. Simply call the facility to obtain more information about the specifics of the program. They will evaluate your needs and recommend the best treatment so you can gain the most benefits for a happy and healthy life without alcohol.

Sepulveda VA OPC and Nursing Home Addictive Behaviors Clinic

Located at 16111 Plummer Street, the Sepulveda VA OPC and Nursing Home Addictive Behaviors Clinic offers a full range of treatment services. They have detoxification, substance abuse treatment, buprenorphine and suboxone treatment, and a dual diagnosis treatment for people who are suffering with mental health issues as well as substance abuse. The clinic also offers special addiction treatment programs for men.

For people attending the treatment programs, they can obtain different care services based on their daily lifestyle. If you are currently working, you can attend outpatient counseling treatment. If you need additional care, the Sepulveda VA OPC and Nursing Home Addictive Behaviors Clinic has partial inpatient hospitalization. In addition, there are work programs and day treatment available.

Sepulveda VA OPC and Nursing Home OTP Treatment/Maintenance

Besides substance abuse counseling and detoxification, there are also treatment and maintenance services for people who require methadone maintenance. These services are given as an outpatient program to ensure that you receive the additional counseling and encouragement. You can finally be free of the affects of substance abuse and alcohol as you can begin your life anew in Sepulveda.

Lodging and Employment in Sepulveda

If you are thinking about coming to one of these facilities, you can fly in through the Bob Hope Airport that is located 5 miles from Sepulveda. Several popular airlines come into this airport including Southwest, United and American Airlines. There are several places to stay if you are only receiving outpatient treatment and cannot live with family or friends. Nearby hotels located in Sepulveda are the Econo Motor Inn, Pink Cloud Motel, Travel Inn, Sepulveda Motel, Hill Crest Inn and Budget Inn.

Since Sepulveda is located in the San Fernando Valley, there are thousands of employment opportunities for people with varying levels of education and work experience. People may seek employment in the managerial, sales, financial, computer, and healthcare industries. People in this city have a median household income of $51,200 as you can find the work you need for a busy and happy life.

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