Top 3 Drug Rehab Centers in Costa Mesa, California

Originally incorporated in 1953, Costa Mesa, California was once considered a conservative farming community with a modest population of about 19,000 residents. Since that time, however, Costa Mesa has grown into a busy urban location with over 100,000 people who call the area home. Costa Mesa is also home to a number of alcohol and drug rehab centers to help combat the growing drug problem in the state.

Rehab Centers In Costa Mesa, California

The city of Costa Mesa has gone to great lengths to ensure locals have the substance abuse treatment they need available. There are numerous options located within the city itself.

Simple Recovery

Simple Recovery is a well-known provider of addiction treatment in the state of California. The facility provides all steps of treatment, from inpatient detox and residential programs to aftercare and relapse prevention therapy. Simple Recovery has a residential home in Huntington Beach where detox is completed in a serene setting. Outpatient counseling, day programs, and aftercare planning are available after treatment.

Balboa Horizons Recovery Services

Balboa Horizons Recovery Services has been a premier addiction treatment center since 2004. The facility provides a range of different services for adults seeking treatment, including detox programs, gender-specific treatment, dual diagnosis services, and aftercare programs. Through a mix of different therapeutic approaches, Balboa Horizons Recovery Services aims to help patients rebuild their lives after addiction.

Rehab Centers Near Costa Mesa, California

Sometimes, it is more logical to seek rehabilitation outside of your location. If you make the decision to step outside of Costa Mesa for an addiction treatment center, there is ample choice available in nearby Newport Beach.

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Newport Beach Recovery Center, Newport Beach, California

The Newport Beach Recovery Center is a short drive of just two miles away from Costa Mesa. This recovery center takes a holistic approach to addiction recovery and provides a women’s only inpatient rehabilitation program. Outpatient treatment services are also available, and residents who fulfill a residential program can take advantage of aftercare programs.

Substance Abuse In Costa Mesa & Orange County

No matter how alone you have felt in your substance abuse problems, there are many others who know just what problems you have been facing. Substance use and abuse problems have affected millions of people from coast to coast. Take a look at some of the statistics associated with substance abuse in the Costa Mesa area:

  • In 2017, 1,111 people died as a result of drug overdoses in Orange County.
  • There has been an 82 percent increase in the overall rate of drug/alcohol overdose deaths in the County since 2000.
  • About one-third of accidental overdose deaths in Orange County in 2017 was the result of taking multiple drugs at once or combining drugs with alcohol.

Traveling For The Best Program

When life has led you through the dark path of addiction, it can feel comforting to stay close to home when you decide to seek recovery. However, it is usually a better move to seek treatment away from home and away from the surroundings that fostered unhealthy behaviors. Reach out to for help with finding the best substance abuse program in California or other states.

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