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Private Addiction Treatment for Gambling

Dr. Alan Weiner MD

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Dr. Alan Weiner, MD

April 8, 2019

Private addiction treatment provides individuals with personalized treatment in a one-on-one atmosphere. While patients in private treatment don’t get the support of fellow addicts inherent in group therapy, they do benefit from a personal confidant and individual attention.

Private Addiction Treatment for the Gambling Addict

Dealing with compulsive gambling can be difficult. Addicts often lose every penny they have and borrow money from others to feed their addiction. Often, these individuals will work with a counselor over the phone or online, but the best way to kick the habit is through in-person treatment on a daily basis. Gamblers Anonymous and other programs help, but may not be ideal for someone seeking help discreetly.

The Benefit of Private Addiction Treatment

With the many different choices for treatment, it’s important to understand the benefits. With private addiction treatment, individuals receive personalized treatment customized to their specific needs. A dedicated counselor will work with the patient to ensure they receive the right treatment for their addiction(s).

Personal attention is provided through private treatment and individuals don’t have to deal with feeling intimidated by a group. These facilities are often much smaller than a traditional facility, and they only allow a small number of patients per counselor. This ensures that each patient receives adequate attention.

Through private treatment, gambling addicts can mend broken relationships with family, coworkers, and friends. Residential rehabilitation can transform an individual’s life and teach them coping methods for dealing with their specific triggers. Removing the individual from their problem environment may also expedite the recovery process.

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Finding Peace Through Private Addiction Treatment

Feeling trapped and out of control are common sentiments of a gambling addict. Gambling addictions are easily hidden from coworkers, family, and friends. Private treatment allows an individual to escape the stressors of everyday life. Working one on one with a counselor enables the patient to pinpoint his or her gambling triggers and learn how to cope with them. Inpatient treatment offers individuals the ability to recover without feeling judged or distracted by a group.

Finding a Private Addiction Treatment Center

The easiest way to find a treatment center is through other recovering gamblers. If you attend group therapy, but think private treatment would help, ask someone in your group or ask the group leader. Doctors and social workers can often recommend treatment facilities as well. Make sure to call each facility before choosing the right one for you. Many label themselves as “private”, but may not offer the level of privacy you need.

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Recognizing and Overcoming Gambling Addiction

Through customized treatment, patients will learn how to mend relationships, cope with everyday stress and avoid relapse. If you or someone you love is addicted to gambling, contact us today for free information on private addiction treatment.

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