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Pet-Friendly Drug Rehab

Isaac Alexis, M.D., AAMA, AMP-BC

Medically reviewed by

Isaac Alexis, M.D., AAMA, AMP-BC

February 15, 2019

Many individuals turn to their pets for emotional support in times of great stress or need. When seeking to overcome addiction, a pet may be just what someone needs. Several rehab facilities allow individuals to bring their pets with them to treatment as an added way to reduce stress and promote a healthy recovery.

Ridding yourself of the hold that drug addiction has on you by entering a rehabilitation facility can be emotionally exhausting. There are many blocks you may find in your road as you attempt to free yourself from this disease and start a fresh, sober life. One stumbling block that often keeps a patient from entering rehab is the notion that the common emotional supports within his life will have to be left at home. As rehabilitation centers expand in their programs and offerings, lending to the needs of very different individuals, this concern is being addressed more frequently.

While it wouldn’t be advisable to bring family members or significant others to rehab—as you should have a sole devotion to your recovery without their common presence within your program—emotional support can be found in your other loved ones: your pets.

In many contexts, humans have had deep connections with animals in ways that lessen the word ‘pet’ and make these domesticated creatures much more like family members. In society today we see those pet owners would prefer that their furry loved ones be given the best of care in kennels and daycares. This bond that extends between human and pet is oftentimes forgotten during high-stress conflicts and drug-related problems. But these problems are the ones that often lead a human to seek out the reassurance and comfort of other humans, when a pet may have been an even better choice in terms of listening and providing unconditional affection.

Pet Therapy

So maybe you’re a cat-lover and you’d rather spend your days getting love and affection from a purring feline. A man’s best friend can be whom he chooses and often the emotional connection we create with our pets is not exactly of our choosing but works as a support, nonetheless. Animal therapy has taken off as its own sub-genre of psychological techniques that provides a basic, non-threatening system of advocacy and confidence.

Those who find themselves connected to their pets will also find that in seeking a sober life in rehab, they will experience moments during which their pet’s silent love will give them a boost that they need to continue on in recovery. They will know that support exists in many forms and that truly safe companionship in a difficult time can be had.

Therapy within rehab, with your beloved pet, also comes in many forms. If you have the attachment to your pet that you feel could help you through this incredibly difficult time, you will come to find that a pet-friendly program will fit your needs in many ways.

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Familiar Faces

Instead of going into a long-term program and feeling completely disconnected from the good parts of your former life, having your pet accompany you, even for just some parts of your program, can help you feel for comfortable in rehab. Many times, those around you who experienced the hardships brought on by your addiction may be those who need their own time of healing. Your pet can help you without making anything more difficult or stressful within the process.

Being Taken Care Of

While you have given your pet a family, a home, and the love he needs, it is now your turn. The duration of your rehabilitation program will have its ups and downs. You may feel the need to take some time for yourself, and in these moments, you may find that having your pet with you makes it feel as though you have someone there to watch over you during down times. Pets often take the emotional lead in their own way, insisting on being there for you, knowing in some way that you need them beside you. Science has shown that many animals do sense stress and negative emotion, so in these moments, when pets seem to show us they care, there is enough to support the idea that they really do.

Strength, Courage, And Optimism

More than anything, having your pet with you during drug rehab can give you the push that you need to continue to get better. Many dogs, energetic as they can be, show the spirit that is necessary throughout your journey to sobriety. The exercise they can participate in and that laughs that they so often provide may brighten your days in rehab and bring to your mind the idea that you really can do this; you really can succeed and someone truly cares to see you do it!

Pet-Assisted Drug Rehab

Some rehabilitation facilities allow for your pets to stay with you in your room throughout your entire stay. It is important before you check into your pet-assisted rehabilitation to know that not all drug rehabs allow pets to stay long-term, nor do all allow pets to participate in every aspect of a drug treatment program. Here are some ways in which your pet may be able to help you through rehab:

  • Scheduled visits
  • Therapy pets and group visits
  • Stay while cared for by animal handler
  • Long-term, in-room stay
  • Exercise with pets
  • Pet walks and relaxation
  • Socialization
  • Emotional help through detoxification process

Finding a Pet-Friendly Drug Rehab

Getting into a rehabilitation facility that offers the unique bonus of being pet-friendly can be a bit difficult. If this type of treatment is something you are interested in, you may want to travel with your buddy and check in to a facility in another state. This can also make your rehabilitation process more unique and provide a fresh slate on which to build your new life. Contact RehabCenter.net today for more information on finding the perfect pet-friendly program for you.

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I would like more information. I have a alcohol addiction that I have been battling. Thanks

I would like more information please. I have an alcohol addiction.

Hey Hope,

Were you able to find help? There are many facilities that are pet friendly and take animals, dogs being one of them. Many treatment centers do not. If you give us a call we can help locate the ones that do.

“Me” Im sorry to hear a drug rehab did not take your dog. Which one was it?

looking for long term duel treatment facility pet friendly. state insurance oregon with option to transit into society

Hey Christina, is the type of treatment for yourself or a loved one? Have you tried calling our toll free number?

Please help me I have a warrent I was suppose to get in a program but I have my dog and I’m homeless but I cant get anywhere to better my self if my dog is not with me and if I go to jail she will go to a pound cuz I have no one to help please take us in and I Will not let you down please get me in today so I don’t lose my life cuz of jail

Hey Kera, have you tried contacting our hotline? Our rehab advisors can help locate facility and begin your journey to a healthy recovery

I am desperately seeking help for PTSD and drug and alcohol issues. I am trapped by memories alone in darkness except for my companion Scottie a small Shetland sheepdog. He travels everywhere with me. He is very empathetic and knows when I am becing stressed, anxious or afraid. I am desperately looking for a facility that allows my best friend. He is the only thing that is a calm constant in the chaos of my mind. I have Tricare insurance. I hope you can help Scottie and I stay together

Hey Lori,

We certainly understand the comfort a pet brings to a person, especially during a crisis. Many facilities don’t allow pets but we have come into contact with smaller rehabilitation facilities that will make an exception from time to time. Give us a call and one of our rehab advisors can guide you through this process and start on your journey to a healthy, happy recovery.

I must find a treatment center in Florida for dual-diagnosis in-patient (hopefully long term 60-90days) that will allow my small dog to come too. I have Florida Blue insurance. Thank you

I live in Florida but I don’t have a job or insurance. I have a 7 lb well behaved dog and I would like to find a rehab that she can come with me. Please write back if you have a list of locations that accept both of us I would greatly appreciate. Thank you, Mary

Where are dog friendly rehabs

I’m looking for a pet friendly facility for me and my dog. I have PTSD (I assume), and am court ordered with CPS taking my only child from me. I have no family or friends to leave my pet with. Please help me help myself. I don’t want to lose my parental rights for my 8 month old daughter. I’m desperate and in a dier emergency. I need to go asap. In Pasadena, California. Thank you.

A pet is like family. It is important to take care of them. We will be able to find a facility that will take your dog. Please call us on the number above and we will guide you.

Just interested

Hi Jennifer, what exactly are you interested in?

Is this service based in England please? I’m desperate for help and the rehab that offered me a bed which I’m currently on the waiting list for won’t take my princess my dog until I’m in aftercare house. But that’s 4 & 1/2 months away from my girl and I have no idea who can look after in as iv no family or friends. Can anyone help or advice please I’d b so grateful thank you.

Hello, Nikkie. Unfortunately, our services are currently on in the US. We will be sure to let you know should this ever change and we find more treatment centers in England. Good luck!

I have my emotional support service dog with me I need to find a treatment center that allows dogs, however I do have a dogsitter on call now, I suffer from strokes and seizures, he helps me through my seizures believe it or not. I need to check myself into a detox center tonight or tomorrow but I do have my dog with me now I need to find one in Washington state

Amy, a representative should have contacted you on Tuesday or Wednesday! If not, please let us know ASAP.

Our daughter is 36 and addicted to opiates and has been in treatment twice. She is getting worse and won’t go back in to treatment because of her dog. We are looking for a treatment center that she can bring her dog with her. We feel like she goes into treatment and wants out as soon as she can to be with her dog and not focusing on her addiction.

Jonna, thank you for reaching out to us! We will have someone contact you via the email address you’ve provided ASAP. In the mean time, if you would like to speak to someone immediately, please reach out to us at 1-800-570-3670


T.Trout – We will have a treatment specialist contact you via email as soon as possible!

HELP PLEASE,I would like to find a free Longfellow rehab that allows my 17 mini foxy(very small not a problem at all )he is in retirement and I want the same but with the abuse with drugs I do and adapter cause I wil just end my life if I can’t get help please help,waiting for ur reply thanku peta

Peta – We are here to help you! A treatment specialist will contact you via the email address you provided us with as soon as possible. Thank you for wanting help!

Have not been wanting to call for help because I love my dog like it was my child. Can’t think of leaving her . Not her fault I’m like this. I’m in texas an can really use your help. I’ll jump into treatment if I can have my dog

Hi Adam! Thank you for taking the first step to getting help. We will have a treatment specialist reach out to you ASAP via the email address you provided us with.

Im 31 years old and me, my soon to be husband have a drug problem that doesn’t get any better even thou we try it hardest to get clean. We have to have it to go on our a daily lives………. I keep doing the drugs to stop me from reliving my past I have depression, bypoliar, and ptsd. I got a small breed puppies on mother’s day cause my baby that I have had since he was a little puppy was stolen so my fiancé got me this puppie to help me from looseing my baby boy that was stolen . We are looking for a tee gab that allows us two ans my puppies she is is only 14 weeks I’ve had her since she was 3weeks she is very smart, calm and very intentive to my emontional needs. She has to be worth me at all times or she will wine and cry. We are asking for help and to get help very soon. We live in falcon head which is in Oklahoma ten miles east of meritta. We have no kinds of insurance to help us out at all. He can’t work due to him having diabetic ulcers on the bottoms of his feet. Please help us we really really need this very badly. Wet both are wanting the help

Trisha, we will have a treatment specialist contact you via the email address you’ve provided to us.

Needing help for me and. My fiance to. Get clean. Im 31 and have been struggling with this addiction for 11 years . I do. It to keep me from dealing with my past of being a child and being in a abusive relationship for 10 years. Looseing my kids and all the in between. I have a 15 week old puppy that is my only reason for getting up to do anything at all. I can’t. Leave her. She depends on me for everything like I do her. My fiance and km myself can’t seem to get clean no matter how hard we try. We have to have it to Just to do everything on a day to day basis. We live in Oklahoma 10 miles east of meritta we have no Insurance at all he can’t work due to diabetic ulcers on the bottom of his feet. We are asking for help . Looking for ba place that we can get state funded as well as bringing my. Puppie along to . Please please please help us

Trisha, we are here to help! A treatment specialist will contact you via email to discuss a plan for you and your fiancé.

Hello. I have a registered emotional companion dog. I am in a detox facility almost done with my alcohol detox. They said that as long as I furnished my doctors letter and Buddy’s registration, he would be allowed to stay with me throughout the rehab part of my stay. I am in Las Vegas and would prefer to stay in this area. I am looking for a different treatment center to finish out my treatment where I am able to have my service dog with me. I do have really good insurance. Unfortunately, the detox center has my phone…so email is the only way to communicate. Any help would be great!!

Thank You,

[email protected]

Jinny, we will have a treatment specialist contact you via email ASAP! Thank you for reaching out.

Please forward me information re. pet friendly rehabs accepting NC-BCBS. I am specifically looking for a 28-day addiction program.

Ian, we will have a treatment specialist contact you via the email address you have provided to us. Thank you!

I am currently looking for a rehab center that will allow me to bring both of my dogs or at the very least one of them. I am located in Washington state but am willing to travel out of state if necessary. Can you help me find pet friendly centers?

Juliann, we will have a treatment specialist contact you via the email address you’ve provide ASAP!

I’m looking for a rehab center out of state and wish to continue on into sober living .I want to relocate to southern Florida as close to ocean as possible. I be heard of facilities in Boynton Beach, lake Worth and west palm Beach Florida. Looking for pet friendly facilities. I’m desperate to leave asap. Please help.im also looking for Suboxone treatment as I’m a 15 year heroin addict am afraid I don’t have much longer to live

Susan – We are here to get you the help that you need! A treatment specialist will be in contact with you via the email address you’ve provided ASAP.

I have a registered service dog, and I think it’s time I look for help for my pain pill addiction!!! I need some guidance on what to do, I’m scared and nervous but I’ve decided this is what I NEED to do for myself!!!!

You are doing the right thing, Ashley! We understand that you’re scared and nervous but we’re here to help you! A treatment specialist will contact you via the email address you provided us ASAP. If you would like to speak to someone over the phone immediately, please give us a call at 888-757-5052.

I am looking for a rehab center that would tame and my pets 2 little dogs . they are my only companions for years and one big reazon to better my life. I have no family or friends to care for them and I am currently homeless. Please help me , I have anthem Insurance or willing to pay a small fee. Thank you


We are here to help! A treatment specialist will contact you via the email address you provided as soon as possible!

Thank you!

I have multiple problems. I’m 36, pregnant, homeless and care for my four year old spudsmackenzie dog. I have no family or friends that I would be able to leave him with. He’s not aggressive at all. He just looks very intimidating. Regarding my pregnancy, why do I always read pregnant women have first priority ? Because I’ve been looking for treatment and only get turned away. No where seems to take me in because I’m first priority. Please help me, I don’t want to lose my baby and my other baby.!


We are here to help! A treatment specialist will contact you via email as soon as possible!

I have a 4 lb dog and a cat; both have special needs and are elderly. I have lost nearly everyone I love to Cancer over the last few years and have found myself jumping from abusive relationship to abusive relationship to avoid homelessness. I was diagnosed with PTSD and can’t get clean constantly living with drug addicts. I don’t even have my car to sleep in anymore! I am currently on Medicaid in NY. Is there anywhere that can help me? I used to be very successful and just want help to get my life back.

Amanda – we are here to help you get your life back! One of our treatment specialists will contact you via email as soon as possible.

I’m so sorry. I just posted yesterday and realized I provided an old email address that I no longer have access to. I updated with a current email address on this post. My apologies. I truly do appreciate any help or guidance you are able to offer and value your time. Thank you!

Thank you for the updated email address! We have notified our treatment specialists of our email change and will contact you ASAP.

Could someone please email me a list of pet friendly (specifically dog, I have an 11 year old pug) inpatient/residential treatment center along the Pacific coast(I.e. Washington state, Oregon, & California).
Thanks in advance

We would be more than happy to help. Please give us a call and we can provide you with further details! Thank you for reaching out!

Im needing a detox & rehab that is dual treatment and that will allow me to have my cat with me. Im in Oklahoma.

Thank you for reaching out! We want to help you in any way we possible can. We have facilities and treatment programs across the country as well as a vast number of resources available. The best way to get you into detox and treatment would be to have you give us a call as soon as possible. We can then discuss details and taking the first steps. Thank you again.

Looking for rehab that will allow my Pomeranian. I’m willing to go wherever I need to. I have insurance and get paid monthly. Please help

Thank you for reaching out. We are here to help in any way we can! We have multiple options available for you. The best thing to have you do would be to give us a call as soon as you can. We can discuss details and get everything set up then. Thank you and we look forward to helping you take the first steps on your journey to recovery!

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