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What Makes A Luxury Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center Unique

Isaac Alexis, M.D., AAMA, AMP-BC

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Isaac Alexis, M.D., AAMA, AMP-BC

April 9, 2019

Luxury rehab programs may be good options for people accustomed to living at higher standards. Some people choose these programs because of the lifestyle they desire to maintain or because of the measure of security that the programs offer. Certain people, due to their lifestyle or career, might find greater comfort and equilibrium in a luxury facility.

A drug or alcohol addiction wreaks havoc on your life, unsettling your mental, emotional, and physical states, leaving you overwhelmed, without balance, and in danger of suffering severe damage to both your body and mind.

Today, there exists many different styles and approaches to rehabilitation, one of which is centered around offering individuals a luxurious and pampered experience while they work towards their sobriety.

When many people think of a luxury drug and alcohol treatment center, what first comes to mind might be a lavish place that the Hollywood elite escape to overcome their drug and alcohol addictions. Luxury programs may not be suited to every person and all demands, but they are, however, open to people beyond those who are famous.

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What Makes These Facilities Stand Apart From The Rest?

These facilities sit amid artfully designed landscapes—fountains, pools, and gardens form a graceful and resplendent composition that encourages repose and admiration. The buildings themselves embrace the highest standards of aesthetic and architectural design and incorporate views of the sweeping vistas or seascapes that surround them. They may be gilded and graced with ornate designs and contain spectacular artwork.

The amenities are unparalleled—whether it be linens of the highest quality or exquisite room service—you’ll feel as if you’re in a posh and luxurious hotel or resort. You’ll be taken care of in such a manner that you’ll be able to focus your energy on your treatment and not worry about having to adapt to a lifestyle to which you’re unaccustomed.

Amenities and features may include:

  • Beautiful natural surroundings
  • Well designed and decorated personal living quarters
  • Swimming pool
  • Tennis courts
  • Golf courses
  • Horseback riding
  • Massage
  • Spa services
  • Yoga, meditation, or other holistic therapies
  • Gourmet cuisine and refined or fine-dining atmosphere
  • Room service
  • Business center
  • Personal: chefs, trainers, and nutritionists

The Extravagant Setting Is Not Without An Extra Cost

Though some insurance companies may pay a portion of the cost for care, in most circumstances, a person or their family is yet responsible for footing a large part of the bill, which is significantly greater than other, more traditional facility costs. For many people who choose these facilities, it is worth it to experience the ease, beauty, image, and unparalleled experience that these sort of centers offer.

Be mindful of looking into the programs, therapies, and support offered. Just because a facility offers a breathtaking view and swanky amenities, doesn’t mean that the caliber of treatment is also head and shoulders above the rest. Take time to ask questions and check into their accreditations. Make sure the staff has the proper training and expertise that is necessary to give you the thorough and compassionate care that you deserve.

Consider what needs you have and find out if and how they will be addressed within the course of treatment. These include any dual diagnosis concerns, such as mental health disorders, like depression and anxiety. It is only then—when you’ve had ample time to be informed on facilities and their offerings—that you should make a decision as important as choosing where to go for treatment.

Remember, These Facilities Should Serve The Same Purpose As Other Centers

It is important to remember that just because these facilities may seem so outwardly different from others, it does not mean that their focus, protocol, or treatment is. Yes, every facility does have variations in their approach that makes them unique. However, within a luxury facility, the core essentials of treatment should still exist, including therapy, support groups, the use of medications, and educational sessions.

Luxury Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center LuxuryThough this might seem obvious, some people hold onto the misnomer that because these facilities have lushly appointed grounds, ornate interiors, and gourmet cuisine, among other stellar amenities, that they get to kick up their feet and relax without any obligations or pressures. Be wary, there are some facilities that focus too heavily on these things and do not invest the time or attention on developing and implementing the care that you need to achieve sobriety.

Even though these facilities may resemble a high-class resort, in most, the day-to-day proceedings are not nearly as lenient and relaxed as you would find on vacation. Like any treatment center, the ultimate goal is to provide balance, rehabilitation, support, and wellness. This means that these facilities, like the majority of others, will adhere to a fairly strict schedule concerning the times that you must eat, go to bed or wake up, attend therapy or classes, or be allowed family visits. A good facility that is devoted to your success and wellbeing will also have policies regarding what materials and substances are and are not allowed on site.

If you’re truly seeking to get help and gain sobriety, you need to be conscientious of choosing a facility that offers therapy, support groups, education, and medically supervised detoxification support and services. Without these things, your sobriety will be a lot harder to obtain and your recovery harder to maintain. Depending on your circumstances, you will receive care in an inpatient or outpatient setting. The latter can be good for busy professionals who cannot leave the rigors and demands of their daily lives.

Rehabilitation is tough work. Yes, these amenities can make the experience more pleasurable or less strenuous in some respects, but you will still be expected to put in work and interact with the addiction support team that is there to help you succeed.

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