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Rehab Centers That Accept Claremont Behavioral Healthcare

Jennifer Cousineau MSCP, LPCI, NCC

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Jennifer Cousineau, MSCP, LPCI, NCC

April 12, 2019

Individuals looking for rehab centers that accept their Claremont Behavioral insurance plans can contact their provider, or talk to a treatment specialist. Knowing which rehab centers accept a specific plan can ease some of the financial stress of planning for drug rehab.

Claremont Behavioral Services offers insurance options in many states, providing plans that cover a range of healthcare services. Behavioral health services include treatment for mental health and addiction recovery.

If you’re considering drug rehab, you may want to begin by finding which rehabs accept your Claremont Behavioral plan. Once you find a list of rehabs that will work with your provider and individual plan, you can select a rehab based on the diversity of services offered, quality of care, and other factors.

Knowing what type of treatment you need, and the services that are covered under your plan, helps you select the rehab that best fits your needs. In the long run, the most important outcome is simply that you make it into rehab so you can begin healing from addiction.

Why Work With Rehabs That Accept Your Plan?

You may be worried about finding a rehab that works with your plan, and if doing so will restrict you in any way. Claremont Behavioral is a large provider, a carrier partner of Claremont Insurance Services, and accepted by many rehabs across the U.S. You shouldn’t have a problem finding a rehab center that both accepts and works with your plan, and that also meets your needs.

It’s important to work with a rehab center that accepts your individual plan for the simple fact that it will make the entire process of entering treatment easier. More than that, rehab can get pricey. In drug rehab, you’ll work to reverse behaviors, moods, and physical afflictions gained through prolonged substance abuse. That’s no small task, but in rehab it can be done.

Even with insurance, you may have copays, coinsurance payments, and out-of-pocket costs. Selecting a rehab to attend that already accepts your plan means that the majority of your stay and services will likely be covered, leaving one less stressor for you.

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What Services Are Covered By Claremont Plans?

Claremont’s insurance plans may cover a range of behavioral-related treatment services, so if you have a Claremont plan, you’re likely covered. What you’ll want to figure out is what your copay will be, your premium, and your total out-of-pocket cost.

For example, if you have a high premium, your plan may cover the majority of rehab for you, such as 60 to 80 percent of the cost. The services covered may also depend on your plan; if you need medication, for instance, some plans will only cover a portion of it.

Still, other plans will only cover addiction treatment services that are deemed medically necessary. However, if you see your physician and are diagnosed with substance abuse issues, or become hospitalized due to issues related to substance abuse, this condition may be met.

The only way to know exactly which services are covered by your plan, the amount of your premium, your copay, and the portion of rehab costs you’ll have to cover is to contact your service provider. Or, you can call a treatment specialist here at to assist you with this process.

Is Inpatient Treatment Necessary?

Inpatient treatment for addiction recovery involves staying for an extended period at a rehab facility. When you attend drug rehab, you’ll attend therapy and counseling sessions, receive medication or supervised detoxification as needed, participate in recreational activities, and benefit from holistic healing approaches.

For many people struggling with addiction, inpatient treatment is necessary. The vast goals of addiction recovery are often not easily accomplished in a program that requires participation only weekly or a few times a week.

The difference of an inpatient program is that you’ll receive a superb quality of care, around-the-clock, from licensed, professional individuals. Private rehabs tend to provide a lower ratio of staff per clients, meaning you’ll get the support and proper attention for your healing plan.

At an excellent rehab, you’ll also find that a new, serene environment makes a great difference in your healing success. Why is environment so important? Aside from getting away from triggers that foster addiction, getting away from your usual environment gives you the chance to dedicate yourself only to healing. When you focus all of your energy on health and well-being, you’ll be surprised at the results.

Rehab helps you rebuild your life, leaving behind the behaviors, thoughts, and triggers that lead to addiction. You’ll also learn principles, techniques, and coping mechanisms that will allow you to manage addiction long-term. The best way to ensure success in these feats is to fully immerse yourself in an addiction treatment program, and this can be achieved by entering inpatient care at drug rehab.

Selecting The Best Rehab For Your Needs

Once you find which rehab centers accept your Claremont Behavioral plan, you’re better equipped to select the best rehab for your needs. For example, some rehab centers specialize in medically supervised detoxification services, or in holistic therapy, or in alternative therapy. Others may offer an excellent array of services for an integrated approach.

Keep in mind, you’re going to need many types of therapy and healing methods in order to achieve your recovery goals. Everyone brings different needs to treatment. You may have suffered past trauma that contributes to addiction, or maybe you have mental health issues that feed your substance abuse.

Whatever the case, each and all of your health issues should be addressed while in rehab. This is especially true if you have a co-occurring mental disorder. Treating all conditions together ensures the greatest chance at a successful recovery outcome.

Don’t forget about support in aftercare. Rehab is but the first step in recovery. After you complete the program, you’ll want to take necessary steps to continue treatment in a way that makes sense for you. The right rehab center will connect you with access to aftercare.

We can connect you with rehab centers that offer holistic methods for a comprehensive healing experience. Some methods you’ll find at these rehab centers include:

  • Counseling: family, group, and individual
  • Psychotherapy: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Adventure therapy and wilderness therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing (MI)
  • Medication-assisted therapy
  • Medically supervised detoxification
  • Aftercare support

To learn more about the treatment that’s right for you, you’ll need a full clinical assessment, which is provided through the best of rehab centers. Understanding your treatment needs, and entering a program that addresses each of them, is key to a successful recovery journey.

Find The Best Rehab Center For You

If you have a Claremont Behavioral healthcare plan, and you’re ready for addiction recovery, look no further for assistance than We have all the resources you need to find the best rehab center that works with your insurance plan, and to begin healing. Contact us today to learn more.

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