Oregon Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Oregon inpatient rehab centers provide many different treatment programs that can be customized to individual needs. The right combination of care increases a person’s chances of long-term recovery success.

Inpatient Vs. Outpatient Rehab In Oregon: What’s The Difference?

When someone is enrolled in an Oregon inpatient rehab program, they live at a residential treatment center. They are immersed in a therapeutic community and spend most of their time working to replace harmful behaviors with healthy habits.

An outpatient program allows someone to live at home and attend therapy sessions a few hours per week. They are usually able to continue everyday activities like work and school.

For some people, the structure and constant support of an inpatient program are necessary for long-term healing. Outpatient care may bring them in contact with people or places that trigger alcohol and drug abuse, making it a challenge to focus on recovery.

Oregon Inpatient Detox Programs

Oregon inpatient detox programs may be provided at a residential treatment center. These programs involve medical monitoring to ensure someone’s safety and relative comfort as they go through the withdrawal process.

If an individual has become physically dependent on alcohol or drugs, they must clear their body of these substances before beginning addiction treatment. It is nearly impossible for someone to overcome a mental addiction while fighting physical cravings.

Oregon Inpatient Rehab Centers: What To Expect

Oregon inpatient rehab centers can have very different environments, program tracks, treatment types, and approaches.

Low-cost or free rehab centers sometimes offer gender-specific or age-specific programs, but may only have a few addiction treatment options. The facility is generally a clinical or home-like setting with basic amenities.

Luxury rehab centers tend to provide numerous proven treatment methods and a range of specialized programs. The exclusive, private environment often has a resort-like feel.

The most effective inpatient programs are created for each individual through a detailed assessment at the start of treatment. The type of care a person receives depends not only on their needs but also on what is offered by the rehab center.

Inpatient addiction treatment may be tailored to:

  • executives
  • pregnant women
  • teens
  • LGBTQ individuals
  • Native Americans
  • professionals
  • men
  • women

Types of treatment found in Oregon inpatient rehab centers include:

  • medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • dual diagnosis treatment
  • pain management
  • court-ordered drug rehab
  • sex addiction treatment
  • adventure therapy
  • wilderness therapy
  • equine therapy
  • SMART Recovery

A specific approach to treatment may be used in residential care, such as:

  • religious
  • nonreligious
  • holistic
  • multidisciplinary
  • 12-step
  • non-12-step
  • alternative

Many inpatient facilities provide aftercare to ease the transition back to normal life. These services may range from outpatient rehab programs to monthly alumni meetings.

Inpatient Rehab Program Lengths In Oregon

A standard short-term inpatient rehab program in Oregon is 28 to 30 days long, and some are even shorter. Long term treatment programs often last 60 or 90 days but may extend to a year or more.

Some inpatient programs offer adjustable treatment lengths that allow a person to stay in treatment until they are ready to leave, no matter how long it takes.

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