Oregon Long Term Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

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Oregon Long Term Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

Oregon, home to some of the richest and most varied natural landscapes and wildlife in North America, is unfortunately afflicted with an illicit drug use rate that often tops the national average. In the most recent survey, Oregon’s rate of illicit drug use was reported as being one of the 10 highest among the states. Fortunately, Oregon offers several long-term treatment facilities to help individuals overcome addiction and return to a life of sobriety.

As testified in a widely circulated 2012 “USA Today” article, Oregon has a “nationally reputed system of addiction care” designed to tackle the substantial prescription drug abuse problem. It is widely held that Oregon is among the best states for the effective treatment of addictive disorders. Compared to other states, Oregonians are highly likely to receive intensive treatment. In recent data, 10 percent of drug treatment admissions in Oregon were to long term rehab residential facilities. In these facilities, treatment can be expected to take more than 30 days.

A coordinated network created between the authorities and treatment providers in the state maximizes the effectiveness of Oregon’s long term rehab programs, making sure addicts have the right place to go. Expect provisional arrangements to be made during any waiting period.

Cities In Oregon With Long Term Rehabs

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