31 New Jersey Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

New Jersey Inpatient Drug RehabSituated in the middle of America’s most populous metroplex, the Garden State of New Jersey is famous for its Atlantic City resorts and suburban hideaways. New Jersey prospers, but it has its share of residents struggling to live with drug and alcohol abuse.

Although rates of illicit drug abuse in New Jersey are lowr than national averages (6% of adults in New Jersey compared to 8% nationwide), heroin is the most commonly abused drug, followed by other opiates and prescription painkillers.

Help is available, however, at one of the many inpatient drug rehab in the state that provide customized treatment and counseling services to their patients. The success of inpatient therapy is largely due to the residential setting that allows physicians, psychologists, and counselors to interact more closely with the patients and constantly monitor their treatment.

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Specialized Addiction Treatment Scores Success at New Jersey’s Inpatient Drug Rehab

Away from the daily stresses of their lives and the addiction triggers, inpatient rehab centers enable patients to devote their hearts and minds to becoming well.

Some highly reputable addiction rehabilitation centers in New Jersey offer gender-specific treatment programs. According to multiple research studies, the nature of substance abuse and its progress patterns vary greatly between men and women. Men are more likely than women to develop an addiction to illicit drugs and usually do so at a younger age. What is more, men are also more likely to encounter drug abuse-related physical and mental complications. That is why Integrity House in Newark and Little Hill Alina Lodge in Blairstown have specialized rehabilitation units for male addicts.

The effectiveness of an addiction rehabilitation program is closely related to the amount of customization it can achieve. Because heroin addiction in New Jersey is more common than in other states, many recovering addicts are also HIV positive. No two addicts have the same history of addiction, nor do they respond similarly to the same treatment programs. This is especially true of HIV-positive addicts or individuals who are suffering from AIDS. CURA Rehab Center in Newark provides specialized services for HIV-positive patients.

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