15 Missouri Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

According to US Government statistics, marijuana, methamphetamine, and prescription painkillers are the most common illicit drugs abused in Missouri. Fortunately, many state-of-the-art inpatient drug rehab centers serve Missourians suffering from addiction. A residential treatment program beginning with a medically supervised detox is the safest route to a long-lasting recovery.

The Great State of Missouri epitomizes America’s heartland. Anchored by two major metropolitan areas—St. Louis in the east and Kansas City in the west—Missouri is a diverse and vibrant state with a proud and rich history. But lots of residents in the Show Me State struggle with drug and alcohol abuse. If you are among them, finding help may seem like an impossible task.

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Like the state they call home, Missouri’s residential detox centers offer a wide variety of approaches to recovery. From traditional 12 step AA-style programs to long-term residential options, Missourians can easily find the ideal rehab center for their individual needs. Royal Oaks Hospital in Windsor is a fine example of a professional residential program, featuring medically supervised detox and after-care services.

Most long-term rehab programs in Missouri get results. Often, your success is a matter of finding the right program. In Kansas City, Missouri, the Crittenton Children’s Center offers complete residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. Despite its name, Crittenton specializes in more than just treating chronically ill children. They also offer professional psychiatric treatment programs for addiction, dual diagnosis, and after-care services.

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For even more state-of-the-art rehab programs, the National Detox Center of St. Louis offers Resolve, an ultra-rapid opiate detoxification program (URD) designed to treat opiate and painkiller addiction in a new, holistic way. Like many innovative rehab programs, Resolve may be the key to finally breaking your addiction to prescription pills once and for all.

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If you or someone you know is struggling with drugs or alcohol, the battle may seem hopeless. And unless you seek professional help, your chances of recovery are very low. But you can find the help you need by simply asking.

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