Heroin Addiction Rehab Centers in Virginia

What Is Heroin Addiction?

Heroin is a type of opioid that is used to relieve physical and emotional pain as it increases the feelings of pleasure in the brain’s pleasure center. It can be found in many pain killers as well as illegal street drugs. A person can become addicted to heroin when they develop a tolerance to the opioid and no longer get the pleasurable rush that they used to feel. So they take bigger and bigger doses of this drug. Unfortunately, heroin can have devastating effects. Physical problems a person may have are lung disease, liver disease, bacteria infections tuberculosis, pneumonia, hepatitis, or HIV/AIDs. A person can also die from an overdose. In 2013, 517,00 people from the age of 12 years and older had an addiction to heroin with 8,257 people dying from heroin poisoning.

Getting Treatment For Heroin Addiction In Virginia

There are resources available to fight heroin addiction. On average, about 2,090 people in Virginia enter rehabilitation facilities that offer detoxification and inpatient treatment. It has been found that for people trying to recover from heroin addiction, they will undergo withdrawal symptoms that often can be too much for them to endure on their own. Inpatient treatment such as residential programs offers detoxification, medication treatment, and behavioral therapies that are effective in treating this addiction. The recovery process can take from less than 30 days up to 4 months or more depending on the severity of the problem.

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Virginia Heroin Rehabilitation Centers

Bridging the Gaps Inc. Drayton House

Residential treatment programs allow for people to be in a safe and structured environment where there are less temptations to take heroin as they recover. The Bridging the Gaps Inc. Drayton House offers short-term inpatient residential programs for people who only require treatment for 30 days or less. The center also offers long-term inpatient residential programs if it is determined that the patient would benefit from longer substance abuse therapy. Long-term residential treatment can range from 60 days up to 120 days. Bridging the Gaps Inc. Drayton House is located in Winchester as they accept private insurance and self payment methods for treatment.


The Passages treatment facility in Martinsville provides addiction treatment programs for men fighting against the addictive qualities of heroin. Residential long-term inpatient care has been found to help men battle the mental and physical damages caused by substance abuse. Holistic and alternative treatment methods are also available, allowing for patients to find positive ways to deal with the stress in their daily lives without taking drugs. People can use private insurance, self-payment options and Medicaid to pay for their treatment.

Fairfax Detox Center

Heroin addiction can affect all different types of people from many walks of life. The Fairfax Detox Center offers a variety of addiction treatment programs for men, women, seniors, pregnant women, postpartum women, gays, lesbians, people who have HIV/AIDS, people who are hearing impaired and people who are court-ordered to get treatment. Since mental health problems can often accompany substance abuse issues, the Fairfax Detox Center in Chantilly provides dual-diagnosis treatment for co-occurring mental health and drug issues. The staff provides residential short-term inpatient therapy as well as detoxification programs. People in Virginia who wish to obtain treatment from the center can pay for their services by using self-payment methods, loans, an income-based sliding fee scale or ask for financing options.

Blackberry Ridge LLC

People located in Amherst can receive substance abuse treatment at the Blackberry Ridge LLC facility. The center has created inpatient programs to fight heroin addiction as patients can take part in short-term or long-term residential treatment. By having options to the length of their stay, patients have a greater chance at successfully completing the programs and obtaining the necessary strength and determination for their recovery. State insurance other than Medicaid, military insurance, private insurance and self-payment options are accepted by the center.

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