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Wisconsin Equine Therapy Rehab CentersFor those struggling with substance abuse, finding the right treatment can make an enormous difference in the patient’s quality of life and their future. One treatment worthy of consideration is equine therapy. This therapy, which involves learning important skills and characteristics such as confidence, communication, and self-control through interacting with horses, has been noted for its effectiveness since ancient Greece. The treatment is effective both for those with mental illness and those with substance abuse disorders by helping them to better control their emotions and their actions while also communicating more effectively and forming better relationships. Those struggling with substance abuse will particularly benefit from the improve self-control, which can help them maintain their sobriety even when facing challenging situations.

How Equine Therapy Works

Horses are responsive creates, similar to humans. The therapy works by using the horse almost as a form of ‘practice’ for patients. Patients develop relationships with the horses and learn how to communicate with the animal. Through caring for the horse, riding them, and leading them to perform desired actions, patients experience improve confidence in their abilities. Their new knowledge can then be used elsewhere in their lives. Patients will have the tools they need to start building human relationships and creating a support network that can help them further with their substance abuse or mental illness.

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For patients and their loved ones looking for more information about different types of therapies, sorting through the different options can feel overwhelming. If you or a loved one are interested in learning more about equine therapy and where to get this type of therapy in Wisconsin, please contact us at RehabCenter.net today. We would be happy to answer any questions and get you the help you need to start on the path to recovery.

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