South Carolina Equine Therapy Rehab Centers

South Carolina Equine Therapy Rehab CentersWhat Is Equine Therapy?

There are a large variety of different drug abuse recovery and rehabilitation options out there for people to choose from in their time of need. Case in point: equine therapy, which is a term used to describe the use of horses in a treatment and recovery environment, is very popular in many different areas of the country, including South Carolina. Though working with horses in this setting is often a smaller part of a larger, much more comprehensive treatment plan, the emotional benefits of this type of therapy alone are often enough to kick start treatment and help people maintain the perspective that they need to truly thrive.

Equine Therapy: Facts And Figures

Drug and alcohol abuse are both incredibly serious issues that negatively affect the lives of millions of people around the country on a daily basis and South Carolina is certainly not immune to that fact. According to information obtained and released by, it is estimated that as many as 95,000 people across the state needed but did not receive treatment for illicit drug use during the last year. It is also estimated that as many as 250,000 people needed but did not receive treatment for alcohol use during the same period of time. To make matters worse, 4.50 percent of the state’s population dealt with some type of serious mental health issue in the last year, which itself can make getting the proper treatment all the more complicated.

Equine therapy is a great way to create the most comfortable environment possible for people seeking treatment so that the recovery process can firmly establish itself at such a delicate time. By taking what is normally a clinical environment and making it much more personal due to the presence of the animal that must be cared for, it goes a long way towards giving someone the emotional preparedness they need for treatment to truly be successful.

Equine Therapy In South Carolina

Center for Behavioral Health South Carolina, Inc

One of the major benefits of living in South Carolina takes the form of the huge variety of different drug and alcohol abuse and rehabilitation facilities that are available to individuals in their time of need. One of these facilities is the Center for Behavioral Health South Carolina, Inc. location, which specializes in outpatient counseling treatment, inpatient treatment for women and may offer equine therapy as well.

Charleston Center of Charleston County

Another facility located in South Carolina that may offer equine therapy is the Charleston Center of Charleston County. In addition to standard inpatient treatment options, this facility also offers addiction treatment for teens, addiction treatment for women, residential beds that are available for the children of clients, ASL and other types of assistance that is specifically designed for those with hearing impairments and more. This facility also offers dual diagnosis treatment, which allows professionals to more effectively treat people with co-occurring mental and substance abuse issues.

University of South Carolina IOP CDAP

Finally, the medical University of South Carolina IOP CDAP facility is also located in South Carolina and may also offer equine treatment and similar therapy options. Additionally, this facility specializes in addiction treatment for teens, addiction treatment for women, outpatient counseling treatment, inpatient day treatment and work programs and more. Holistic rehabilitation treatment and other forms of alternative treatment are also available for people who may be looking for something different from the normal 12-Step recovery process.

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