Florida Equine Therapy Rehab Centers

Equine therapy is when horses are used during the addiction treatment process to help individuals achieve positive mental and emotional well being. The use of horses during treatment gives individuals a sense of purpose and pride to be able to take care of a horse while they go through the recovery process.

What Is Equine Therapy?

Equine therapy is a type of animal-assisted treatment program that promotes mental and emotional growth in patients. Animal treatment has involved all types of creatures such as cats, dogs and even dolphins. This type of alternative therapy is usually reserved for people who have a variety of mental or physical illness caused by genetic health problems or substance abuse issues. With 330,000 people in the state of Florida using illicit drugs but not receiving the treatment they need, the need for alternative treatment such as equine therapy has become a viable treatment option for them.

Why Equine Therapy May Help People Who Have Addiction Problems

When a person has an addiction problem, it is common that they may also have a mental issue they are suffering from that makes them turn to abusing alcohol or drugs. Reports gathered from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has reported that 3.96 percent of Floridians have a serious mental illness. Getting these people the treatment they need and treatment that will be the most beneficial to them, has become a high priority.

Equine therapy involves people working with horses to develop a positive emotional and mental well-being. The program may consist of people grooming horses, placing on halters, and leading horses around the ring. Some programs also have horseback riding excursions. By developing a relationship with the horses, people can build their self-esteem and self-worth while doing something that also benefits the horse. They also become more communicative and open to other forms of treatment and therapy.

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Treatment Centers Offering Holistic And Alternative Treatment

Most treatment facilities will not have a horses and stables located directly at the main facility to offer equine therapy. Instead, the rehabilitation center will partner with local ranches and horse farms in the area to offer equine therapy to their patients as well as a recreational activity for residents who are getting inpatient care. Contacting the facility directly will allow the person to find out if their specific center offers such a treatment and how the program works. We gathered together a list of Florida treatment centers that offer holistic care that may include equine therapy.

Agape Family Ministries

Holistic and alternative treatment work well with certain patients when traditional methods fail to cure them of their substance abuse. At the Agape Family Ministries, the center offers both treatment care to people who are suffering from mental health issues as well as drug addiction. Located in Miami, Florida, the center also offers treatment services for Christians as well as residential beds for the patient’s children so their families can stay together. The center may team up with other treatment centers to offer equine therapy as part of their alternative care programs.

Drug Abuse Treatment Association Inc/Walter D Kelly Treatment Center

Drug problems don’t always start when a person is an adult. Child and teenage drug abuse can be found throughout the state of Florida as worried parents want to get help for their children in the right environment. The Drug Abuse Treatment Association Inc/Walter D Kelly Treatment Center focuses on holistic programs for adolescents seeking help so they can again enjoy their teen years. Located in West Palm Beach, this treatment center focuses on substance abuse care as it also offers alternative treatment as well as rehabilitation in-patient programs. Teens will be involved in all sorts of treatment programs based on their needs which may include equine therapy.

Ruth Cooper Center Drug Abuse Treatment and Education

Sometimes people require the special care treatment that dual diagnosis programs offer. The Ruth Cooper Center Drug Abuse Treatment and Education provides a full host of services tailored for all kinds of people with mental health problems and substance abuse issues. The center has special programs for men, women and the hearing impaired. The center provides residential short-term inpatient, holistic treatment and alternative treatment. Holistic and alternative treatment programs can involve a variety of programs that may involve camping, swimming and equine therapies.

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