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It’s not all sunshine and beaches in Florida; the “Sunshine State” is also home to the 11th highest drug overdose mortality rate in the United States. The number of Florida drug overdose deaths has doubled since 1999. The majority of these deaths are due to prescription drug abuse, according to a new report, Prescription Drug Abuse: Strategies to Stop the Epidemic.

Prescription drug abuse is a rapidly growing national epidemic with 50 Americans dying every day from prescription drug overdoses. The number of deaths from prescription drug abuse now outnumbers cocaine and heroin overdose deaths and exceeds the number of motor vehicle related deaths in 29 states and Washington, D.C. Some of these drugs like Klonopin, and Opana, are really hard to “cold turkey” and quit. Instead, a safe, slow tapering process is necessary.

Efforts To Reduce Prescription Drug Abuse in Florida

In an effort to reduce drug overdose deaths, Florida has passed several key laws restricting access to prescription drugs. This includes instituting an active Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) and “Doctor Shopping Laws” that prohibit patients from withholding information about prior prescriptions from their healthcare provider. The state also requires healthcare providers to physically examine patients or have a bona fide patient-physician relationship before prescribing a controlled substance. Florida has also passed a “Good Samaritan Law”, which provides a degree of immunity for individuals who seek to help themselves or others who are experiencing an overdose.

Sobriety Begins With Florida Drug Detox

Drug detox is the first step towards long-term sobriety. For individuals who abuse drugs or alcohol, the withdrawal symptoms associated with these substances can be very difficult to manage. In some cases, without proper care, these withdrawal symptoms can even be life threatening. The medical professionals in a drug detox program can help individuals successful manage these withdrawal symptoms and safely detox from drugs, including opioid prescription painkillers.

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