Colorado Drug Detox Centers

The state of Colorado faces high rates of prescription drug abuse, addiction, and overdose. In order to combat this growing problem, Colorado has a variety of drug detox centers to help individuals safely recover from addiction in a supportive environment.

With widespread availability of prescription drugs on the street, rates of prescription drug abuse are skyrocketing in the United States. An estimated 7 million people (or nearly 3% of the general population) use psychotherapeutic drugs for non-medical purposes.

In Colorado, deaths from prescription drug abuse are 24th highest in the nation and continue to grow. Approximately 13 out of each 100,000 Colorado residents overdose each year, with thousands more suffering from prescription drug abuse and addiction. Painkillers such as morphine or oxycodone are the most commonly abused drugs, followed by tranquilizers (e.g., benzodiazepines or barbiturates) and stimulants (e.g., Dexedrine or Adderall).

Efforts to Reduce Prescription Drug Abuse in Colorado

Concerned by the growing prescription drug problems in Colorado, lawmakers have taken strong efforts to curb off-label use of prescription medications. First, physicians are required by law to physically examine a patient before prescribing medication. There are also limits on the dosage of certain drugs that can be prescribed, as well as the number of days’ supply for each prescription. Finally, Colorado doctors must comply with industry regulations to prevent individuals from tampering with prescriptions. This makes it more challenging for individuals to forge prescriptions or alter dosages on a written prescription.

Importance Of Drug Detox Centers

One of the primary reasons for relapse among prescription drug users is the challenging withdrawal symptoms that come with cutting back drug use. With chronic drug use, the body gradually becomes used to receiving the drug to achieve a “normal” functioning state. When a person quits taking the drug, the brain and body cannot cope easily without the substance. As a result, the person often experiences unpleasant physical withdrawal and mental effects. For prescription opioids, the most commonly abused prescription drug, this might include diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, restlessness, and depressed mood.

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Fortunately, physicians can prescribe medications that make the withdrawal process easier. Entering a drug detox center is the best way to receive appropriate medical care as well as psychotherapeutic support to transition into a drug-free recovery.

Cities In Colorado With Drug Detox Centers

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