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80 Wisconsin Court Ordered Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Dr. Richard Foster, LICDC-CS

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Dr. Richard Foster, LICDC-CS

April 9, 2019

Individuals charged with committing a drug-related crime often have the opportunity to seek court-ordered treatment in lieu of more serious punishments. In Wisconsin, individuals can recover from addiction and get back on the path to sobriety in a court-ordered treatment program.

Substance abuse impacts personal behavior and causes inappropriate actions. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, around 38 percent of first-time arrests relate to alcohol abuse. When individuals are arrested two or more times, the rate of alcohol abuse increases to almost 52 percent of crimes. Illicit drugs account for 18 percent of first-time arrests and 36 percent of individuals who have two or more arrests.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration states that almost 62 percent of Wisconsin residents drink alcohol and nearly 29 percent binge drink. Excessive alcohol consumption increases the risk of drinking and driving or other illegal activities, so a judge may determine that individuals need treatment after they are arrested for alcohol or drug-related crimes. Court-ordered treatments provide an opportunity to recover from addiction and improve personal well-being.

What is Court-Mandated Treatment?

A court-ordered treatment means that an individual is required to seek addiction treatment after an arrest. It may occur after being charged with driving while intoxicated or it may relate to other crimes like theft, burglary and similar crimes if an individual is intoxicated at the time of the crime.

Generally, court-mandated programs are an effective treatment solution. The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that the treatment programs are as effective as or more effective than voluntary treatment programs. In many cases, individuals are motivated to stay in the program due to the legal consequences that occur if they ignore the court order.

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Benefits Of Court Ordered Treatment Plans

Going through a court-mandated treatment program offers key benefits when individuals are recovering from alcohol or drug abuse. The advantages include:

  • Improving physical health and well-being
  • Reducing discomfort or pain with appropriate treatments
  • Treating a mental health disorder that complicates substance abuse or addiction
  • Focusing on recovery goals
  • Improving diet and nutrition
  • Starting an exercise program or routine
  • Rebuilding and improving relationships with family members due to family counseling
  • Gaining a healthy support system through group therapy
  • Identifying the cause of addiction, such as a mental health disorder or a traumatic experience
  • Treating any physical health disorders that develop due to substance abuse

Addiction damages family relationships, personal health, and even individual behaviors. By identifying the causes of addiction and obtaining a personalized treatment plan, individuals rebuild their relationships and improve their situation. Court-ordered programs offer a chance to start fresh and obtain personal recovery goals, even when an individual did not start the treatment plan voluntarily.

Treatment Options in Wisconsin

When a court mandates treatment, an individual must work with an appropriate program based on the standards of the court. Finding the right program requires a program that works with the criminal justice system.

ARO Counseling Centers Inc. is a holistic treatment program in Waukesha that offers treatment for most age groups. It provides treatment for men, women, adolescents and seniors, so it can help in most situations. The program offers partial hospitalization and residential care as well as outpatient treatment for addiction recovery.

The Milwaukee Health Services System 10th Street Clinic provides holistic outpatient treatment. This program works with the criminal justice system and provides treatment for co-occurring disorders. It also provides services for pregnant and postpartum women. American sign language and other services are available for individuals who are hearing-impaired.

The Journey Mental Health Center Outpatient Services in Madison offers treatment for co-occurring disorders and a variety of different groups. It provides treatment options for adolescents, women, or men in most age groups. The facility provides Christian services and has options for individuals who are hearing-impaired.

Treating Addiction in Wisconsin

Treating an addiction in Wisconsin requires the right treatment program for personal goals. When a program must comply with a court system, finding an appropriate option in the local area is essential. Contact us at to find the right program for personal recovery goals.

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