Oregon Court Ordered Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Many individuals who are addicted to drugs or alcohol do not seek treatment until they have been charged with committing a drug-related crime. For these individuals, the state of Oregon offers court-ordered treatment programs, often in the place of other punishments, to help people get the treatment that they need to live a life of sobriety.

Drugs and alcohol addiction continue to be a nationwide problem, with the state of Oregon being no exception. In fact, in Oregon it’s estimated that 317,000 used elicit drugs in the past month. Furthermore, some 678,000 were identified as having participated in binge drinking over the past month. And that’s not even taking into consideration the annual totals, as 85,000 citizens of the “Beaver State” are identified to have drug dependence or addiction issues and 206,000 alcohol dependence or abuse.

Yes, drug and alcohol addiction remains an issue, but sometimes the wake-up call that an individual needs to seek the treatment to overcome it has to come after one is arrested and charged as a result of it. That’s where the concept of court-ordered treatment comes in, as part of one’s punishment or the entirety of one’s punishment may consist of seeking rehabilitation as mandated by the court.

Nationally, it’s estimated that some 13.7 million arrests are made per year. About 1.7 million of these arrests are in some way related to drugs. Rather than crowd prisons and deplete their resources, an alternative to jail time for many of these individuals is to treat them and heal them through rehabilitative treatment. And while it can be argued that forcing someone into treatment doesn’t bode well for success rates, studies and statistics suggest otherwise.

Court-Ordered Treatment: The Basics

As we hinted, there’s a perception that those who are forced into treatment aren’t likely to benefit from it. But studies have shown that not to be the case, and there are several reasons behind it. First of all, the length of the required treatment has to do with its success rates, as studies have shown that the longer patients stay in treatment, the more likely they are to buy into the treatment and why it’s important to get healthy. Furthermore, studies show that those who go through court-ordered treatment programs are both more likely to pass drug tests and less likely to be arrested again after they’ve exited rehabilitation programs.

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Generally speaking, individuals are ordered by the court to seek treatment in one of three ways. There’s the judge making it a part of the individual’s sentence or punishment, the individual’s lawyer striking a deal with a prosecutor that facilitates court-ordered treatment in lieu of jail time and there’s also the means of having the individual go to drug court, rather than adult criminal court to receive his or her punishment. Regardless of the reasoning behind court-ordered treatment, the individual is most always on the hook for finding the appropriate treatment facility and funding the cost of treatment themselves.

Cities In Oregon With Court Ordered Rehabs

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